ADSC Lichfield 30th June - 01st July

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Jensen

    Jensen Old-Salt

    Got my letter this morning. Anyone else?

    Bit damn excited now that the end of my application process is in sight. :D

    Anyone else has the same ADSC as me let me know and I'll add you to Msn or something.
  2. ITMatt

    ITMatt Old-Salt

    Mind if I ask: how soon after your interview did you get your ADSC date?
    What trade are you going for?
    Whats your fitness like i.e. run time?

    Reason I ask, is that I've completed my interview and I've been informed that I should expect to be going down for my ADSC within four - might even be Lichfield itself.
  3. 5.56mm

    5.56mm LE

    I should be back up to Lichfield soon after my exams.
  4. Jensen

    Jensen Old-Salt

    Done my interviews on Tuesday, got the letter in the post today so two days. Pretty quick, I was expecting it to be longer but I'm happy that it wasn't.

    Going for RLC Supplier.

    Best run time so far is 10:27, but I reckon I can easily cut atleast 30 seconds off that. Ideally I can get it closer to 9:00. Got 5 weeks to do it in so.
  5. MASON-N

    MASON-N Clanker

    I had my interview on Monday 12th of may then i got a call on the Thursday of the same week and i'm off to ADSC on the 3rd of June. So yeah it happens pretty quick and my run time is 9:20 - 9:30, I'm going as infantry (Parachute Regiment)
  6. Check23

    Check23 Clanker

    Yup same, only 5 days to go. :!:
  7. nath2008

    nath2008 Old-Salt

    I did the last of my interviews and test's wednesday - Thursday last week and now i'm waiting for ADSC to send a letter for my date sick and tired of waiting im soo close to being in!! :) :D