ADSC lesson on the L2/L3 Grenade

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by paddy-irishman, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. i am goin to ADSC within the next couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone would have any info on the L2/L3 Grenade because i know there is a test on it, after all fail to prepare, prepare to fail,
  2. The whole point of the grenade test is this...


    Don't worry about the lesson or test, concentrate on your fitness, job choice knowledge, icebreaker practice and TST subjects if you want a technical trade.

  3. 1) Don't touch the detonator when you are given it.

    2) Danger zone 193m (I think, from memory). 50% severe casualities at 6m, I think.

    3) Don't do a really cracking girly throw like the one I did - I nearly got it over the priming wall and onto the officer. :D
  4. As Dirk_the_turk says the lesson is there to see if you can take in a simple military lesson, memorise the key points and answer ten easy questions and write out the answers neatly. Concentrate on your fitness and confidence, like what you will say in the ice breaker and interviews.
  5. ooh, whats that quote again;

    Lesson one:

    'Once you pull the pin on Mr Grenade, Mr Grenade is not your friend anymore!' :D
  6. just done it today, was the easiest thing ive ever done....EVER.

    what colouring is the band on the L109 grenade??? - easy.
    what is a L111A1 grenade, another easy question.....

    why is a grenade roughened on the outside? an obvious answer

    and there's only 10 questions, took me 3 minutes.
  7. I wouldnt worry about it, I came back yesterday from selection and would definatly concentrate on your icebreaker, fitness and knowing your trade.

    Do not try and memorise the icebreaker word for word and you WILL have to improvise, the corporals there will try and trip you up etc to see how you handle small amounts of pressure. Just stay on your toes and RESEARCH your trade!!! In the icebreaker they WILL ask about your trade, where you train etc so just do a bit of looking on google if need be. Nothing was worse to see than people not knowing where they do phase one/two training etc or what that entails.

    I cant stress the fitness thing enough, I did fine on the strength tests etc but did find the very small PT lesson rather taxing. Just take it all in stride and use it as its intended, it is a small insite into army life.

    Oh and just for referance, not sure if everyone got the same grenade but we had the L109A1 HE Grenade and the L110A1 Inert Grenade. Very basic test though so I wouldnt lose sleep over it.

    (1 piece of advise - Learn to have a quick shower, over the 2 days we had 3-4 chances for showers but u need to be FAST litterally like 3-5min shower just grab ur towel with soap/shampoo rolled in it and get ur arse moving)
  8. Yeah but it'll obviously route out the complete numpties.

    Did you pass stvwardy?.. Gedge?..

    If you did, good stuff :lol:

    And stop leaking top secret questions ;)
  9. On the subject of throwing live grenades, I think the reason that I came so close to really f*****g up was that I worried about it. The idea that if you let the lever go it is live did not appeal to me - rifles, Browning, LMG, GPMG, Carl Gustav - enjoyed it all. Hated the idea of grenades. The instructor had to pull me back up by the webbing and make me point out the fallen grenade because I was down below the wall when it was still in the air. Looking back I cringe.

    Grenades? Listen, focus, but chill.
  10. Yup did pass, was a good couple of days (still aching hehe). Now Iv been told have to wait for another 2 day selection phase date (ammo tech selection), so we'll see how that goes :s
  11. Well done matey. P.S. About the live grenades.. didn't they stop using Mk. 9 thunder flashes for the fragmentation reason?
  12. yeah RoyalEngineers i passed

    as for the answers.......

    what is a HE L109 .......a High Explosive Live Grenade....or so i was told.

    what is a L111A1 ......... a practice grenade that is inert, and only lets gasses escape so you can collect it quickly and see where it landed.

    why is the grenade roughened.......incase its wet, so yu dont lose your grip........

    as for the top secret questions.....thats 3 on me, the other 7 are that simple folks.!

    i got 10 out of 10, but then again they arent rocket science.

    and as Gedge said i'd concentrate on fitness......i was screwed after the Run, and the evening PT Session, though taxing{in a limited sense was enjoyable and got you sweating}

    and dont be bashful, whip the pants down in the showers, clean quick and move, and never put hands in pockets.
  13. Hmmm, they aren't the names of the grenades we were taught!!

    And yeah, we got 20 minutes to shower and be interview ready (bear in mind we're girlies too!)
  14. The only current inservice grenades 'for the throwing of' are the L109A1 HE grenade, L111A1 practice grenade and the L110A1 which is completely inert.

    The L111 as stated goes bang, the hole in the bottom lets gasses and smoke escape from the L162 practice fuze contained within when the striker hits the percussion cap. It can be used to simulate the L109 as its the same weight. Its best feture is its 1m safety distance.

    The L110 is completely inert and does nothing except look like the grenades that go bang. It is used for throwing practices.
  15. Don't give the test questions numpty :p That's just ruining it, and it's your first breach of conduct tut tut.

    Joking :p

    But get into the habit of classifying what needs to be Stephen.