ADSC in the forthcoming weeks..? How do you feel?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RoyalEngineers, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone was going to selection within the coming few weeks, how they feel about it and if they have any genuine worries, so you peoples can come together and share your growing concerns ;)
  2. I'm going Lichfield on the 29th. I'm excited with a boner.
  3. Very excited, a little nervous.

    Just got a phone call this morning, gotta go in for my maths and english assesment at 1pm today, got the 1.5 mile run on Monday morning, then I believe it'll be the interview and ADSC soon after hopefully.

    My feeling towards ADSC is, I'm just looking at it as aslong as I give my all in each task I should come through it and get the news that I want after the 2 days.

    If anything, the nervousness comes from a few little niggling things I've noticed about my body which I hope to God I don't get pulled up on the medical for.
  4. The only thing I'm worried about is my elbows crack a lot (which is a ridiculous thing to worry about) so I suppose I am a bit nervous but only with regards to the medical. I've trained hard for the phsyical stuff so im quietly confidently.
  5. I get that alot while doing press-ups, don't think it's that big a deal. I heard you can take something like fish oil capsules every once in a while and it stops it for good.
  6. Seven seas cod liver oil. Wont stop it for good, but will keep the joints lubed, so to speak.
  7. Just got my date for Lichfield on the 12th May, and I though 'Shit! I need to do some more training! No more 4 day benders at the weekend :('

    But yeah, at the moment I feel, well, all of the above :D Not very strongly, however they will get stronger as the weeks progress towards selection.
  8. Hmm so basically everyone is a tad worried about something :p

    Anyone got to have any specialist testing there due to medical history?
  9. I've gotta do the spiro test because I had astmha when I was... five. Should be a piece of piss my recruiter said hes never had anyone fail it so im not that bothered about it.
  10. Your best bet is to try your best to be confident about the whole thing, the selection guys like that. Also, we were told that if people go into the medical shitting themselves they are more likely to be picked up for a heart murmur so try your best to be calm and confident.
  11. If they sense a murmer can you ask to sit for 5mins to calm down and try again? Or they going to be really strict?
  12. God knows mate, it's common sense that you'll be pretty nervous though, just take deep breaths and let them know how nervous you are (maybe it will help) :p.

    What date do you guys have it then?
  13. going to glencourse on monday...pretty nervous, but trying to stay confident. im just going to go in with the attitude of 'im going to put in 110% in to this, if i want it bad enough ill pass, and as for the 1.5m run, im just going to break the pain barrier and run my ass off!!!'
  14. I'm going to lichfield on the 28th, anyone else going then? just a little nervous about the run. Went last night and got 11.24, just hope it's better on the day. What sort of times you lads getting? but im pretty sure i will be ok with the other stuff.
  15. This time last year I was getting 12.45 and near that mark, running at nigh on walking pace. Earlier this year, that time was down to the 10.45 mark, and now it's in the late 9's so i'm pretty confident with regards to the run.

    My other concerns just lay in whether I have 3 testicles or not and wasn't aware of the fact, or I have angina and need a heart transplantation, so basically the medical. There's nothing on my history to suggest I should have any problems (except childhood asthma), but still I am a tad nervous just in case, despite never having had an attack, and being able to get a fairly decent run time (albeit probably not in this heat! ;) ).