ADSC icebreaker.

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Hello, Couldnt seem to find anything anywhere.
See for your icebreaker how many people roughly do you do it infront of?
and i dont like speaking infront of large groups so is it like really important towards your grade? (obviously i give it 110%)
You do it infront of how many are there. If there's 20 people you'll do it in front of 20. If there's 8 you'll do it in front of 8. Shouldn't matter how many are there though your all gonna be doing it
Im sure if you mention to the Corporal the maximum number of other applicants you are able to speak in front of they will cater to your needs................come on now if you think your confident enough to join the Army does it matter if its one or 100 your talking in front of. The Ice breaker is majorly important adding to a lot of your final IDST score so practice in front of lots of people.
Yeah most were like 2 - 4 years ago before it changed and none answering my questions..
That's a load of rubbish, me and a few others discussed ice breakers quite recently. The number varies. When i did mine it was in front of about 6, but the girls that came through the medicals later had a much larger audience. A mumbling, shaky mess will get a lower mark and could lead to a deferral if that continues into the team tasks.
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