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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dozzyoaks, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. CAn somebody tell me how many heaves i am expected to do at ADSC. |Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Between 15 and 25
  3. A few guys only managed 1 or 2, best effort, I just kept going untill I almost shat myself, which was only about 8."Best effort is required" was what I was told.
  4. My advice. Stop asking what the minimum requirement is. Instead work on all aspects of your fitness and keep improving. Don't say I only need to do 50 press ups so i'll train for 50.

    Say I have 6 weeks before my next PFT... Lets see how many press ups I can train myself up for.

  5. '1-2 is sh@*t poor haha with heaves you have to practice practice and...... practice there are hardly any other excises that help with these. when i first joined i did bout 10 all i did was get bar from argos do 5 reps x 10
  6. also referring to crow man there ARMY is all about training to the best you can be not stopping at a certain level because of.....

    pull your finger out
  7. when i joined REME many moons ago, you had to be able to do 3 on joining (there was no selection centre back then), and 6 to pass out.

    at the time, the paras were minimum of 10.

    i did 14 on joining REME.

    get training.

  8. I smashed out 13 and when i passed out i could only do 8. Basic training eh?
  9. pmsl - thats what i mean - i did 14 heaves and 9 dips at the start, and 12 heaves and 8 dips at the end !!!

    Basic was crap at Rowcroft, I did far more in the TA (infantry) before i joined. I ended up de-skilled and less fit after "basic" training!!!!! and yet the TA were STABS then !!!!
  10. At the pre selection fitness assesment stuff i did 19 pullups (im a very small lad girth wise) and was one of the highest there, even beat alot of soon-to-be para's and i am aiming for Infantry, people still passed with 1, and some ladies had 0. Just dont be like them, good on em for trying hard but they still looked a bit stupid not being able to hit 5. Waiting on Pirbright now, nowing my luck ill only do about 3 when i get there. :p
  11. Thats what your missus says!! :wink:
  12. I can do 15 at the moment.
  13. The PTI's/PSO's are looking for good full extension of the arms, full lenght. Around 7-10 is a good score as long as you have shown you have put 100% in the attempts then it should be OK. A lot does also depend on the CEG your going for aswell. I had loads of applicants say they could do 20+, but only managed around 14/15 when doing them properly. Most girls dont even manage 1 good heave, but as long as they arent going RA/REME etc type jobs it should be ok. As said the only way of doing good is practice....get yourself on a pre-selection day and do it for real then you know how good you really are.
  14. the PTI who actually took me for my heaves said just as i was about to start. "dont worry about not doing many big man", i think its naturally a bit harder for taller and broader men to do them and im sure there are probably stats to back it up. im 6'1 and 87kg and trying my hardest at adsc i could only do 4
    im up to about 10 now, but i dont think ill ever be as good as some of the smaller men can be
  15. I think anyone worrying about it should just buy a pull-up bar (or powerbar if you cant fit a pull up bar to your door, google it) and just practice. I think anyone should be able to manage 4 or 5 after a couple of weeks of doing a few daily. Hell, I am 85kg (I am short for my weight ;)) and I can bang out 6 or 7 on a good day. They are not that hard, just require practice.

    I find there definately is a "technique" to them. I find I can do more if I lean back slightly and let the bigger back muscles work instead of the tiny biceps.