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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by shouldknow, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. i am goin to ADSC within the next couple of weeks and just wondering if anyone have just passed through the process. just wanna know most recent information bcz online full with old date. cheers :cool:
  2. Do as youre told when youre told. Stay in number order. Address everyone as sir/ma'am/staff/mate and show confidence.

    Search for other threads.
  3. Thx Liam 1990.

    Fact is I'm going this Monday. I appreciate ur comments but wanna know real fact or real story. Someone has visited last week or month. Wants to know v close story.
  4. Fact - kill yourself

  5. read ASDS sticky, loads of people comment on there as soon as they get back from selection giving their views on it. Everything oyu could possibly want to know about selection will be in there
  6. Is this really bad if you have only one job choice? Like i have only 1. Infantry, royal regiment of fusilier / princess of Wales’s royal regiment. 1[SUP]st[/SUP] battalion. Fact is my recruiter never asks me to pick 2 or 3. I got this information during my look at life course (Newcastle) before that i had no information about 3 job choices.

    I have no doubt about my physical fitness bcz my run time is b/w 9:10 to 9:28. During look at life course i get excellent on physical fitness and good on everything like team tasks and others factor but i can understand that ADSC is more tough, challenging and more demanding >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than any other course.
    Well let see. I’ll try my best. Do or die is my motto. Finger cross:):)

  7. you have to have 3 job choices just in case you do not make the grade for the first choice, you will then be offered your 2nd then 3rd. If you was in the middle of the run and you got an injury and passed the finish line at 12:50 or you did not make the grade on the power bags then you would not be offered infantry as you did not make the run time for said job so pick 3. Make sure its something you want to do as you may be given it. Also revise them as they may come up in your final interview at selection & you do not want to look like a right **** in front of the selection officer as it shows you have not put any effort in!
  8. The fact he has only Infantry choices may mean his GTI is low and Inf is the only choice!!!!
  9. Infantry soldier only needs a GTI of 26, There's a hand full of other jobs that need no qualifications and low GTI for example Pioneer in the RLC you need a GTI of 29. What did you get on your entrant tests and do you have Qualifications to do other jobs?