ADSC Glencourse 2nd July

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DehavM, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Anyone heading up to Glencourse for there selection on the 2nd July?
  2. I won't be going then (off to Portugal that day), hopefully going back up a few days before as I've been deferred for further mdeical investigation.

    You'll enjoy it mate, really nice barracks and the Corporals and Sergeants are top notch. In fact, the Major was probably one of the nicest people there. Just keep your head down and always answer 'Yes Corporal/Sergeant/Sir/Staff', the most appropriate obviously. One chevron - L/Cpl call them Corporal, Two chevrons - Cpl call them Corporal, Three chevrons - Don't fuckin call them Corporal and you'll be fine :D
    Anything above that and you call them Sir, and if they're wearing a gray jumper/white shirt/sport vest you call them 'Staff'.

    You'll have a good time though mate, just put in the effort.
  3. well i got a funny feeling ill be sent on that date i got to go see them about selection on monday, so yeah maybe :D
  4. look out for the PTI with glasses and the unicorn tattoo on his cocky twat. same as the beefy PTI with shaved brown hair...

    still good fun getting beasted by them and listening to there downgrading remarks lol. gets you slightly prepared for whats about to come 100 times worse lol

    good luck pal...i passed there the 29th april, any questions...just ask :)

    what you going in as?
  5. Is the one with glasses the bald guy? Scottish? And I remember the beefy one. He walked past us in reception after me and this other lad got deferred and he said 'Alright lads, I bet you're feeling a bit shit?' :roll:

    A few of the Cpls got beasted by the WO2 when I was waiting in reception!
  6. Cheers Ash, ive heard stories of the beasting people get when they call a Stg something there not. Its the medical im dreading! Although theres nothing wrong with me i hope they dont pick up something i dont know about, dont want to get deferred and have to come back and do it all again. How long did they defer you for?

    Im really looking forward to it, done heaps of training before hand and researched the selection centre so i know whats to come.

    I just want to go get my head down, get stuck in and pass it and then get myself away to basic training.

    Im going for the RMP, not the most popular option i know!

    If your going ill be the big lad with the shaved head from Newcastle, hope to see you there!
  7. The medical isn't anything scary mate, just do as the doc says and you'll be fine.
    They didn't defer me for any set period of time, but rather until I've had the further investigation by my GP, etc. and any treatment if necessary. Should be maybe 2 months until I can get to go back up there, realistically thinking.
  8. yeah iv got ADSC glencourse 2nd july got it confirmed this morning.
  9. Still waiting for date for selection im supposed to be going to litchfield but apparently it shut down so im thinking i'll be going to Glencourse i got a feeling mine will be the 2nd july aswell.. just have to wait. :( :)
  10. I shall see you guys there, good luck
  11. No I hink its just the ATR that is shut, the ADSC is still open....I think.
  12. Nervs are sort of kicking in now :D
  13. Just make sure you are well prepared and put 110% effort in, you'll be fine then.
  14. Anyone up Glencorse 2/7/14
  15. Quick question mate as it doesnt say on the kit list, should i take shorts for the shower at selection or not, dont want to be the only one either but naked or the only one in shorts lol knowing my luck if i dont ask now, it will happen. Cheers mate