adsc glencorse tomorrow, nerves kicking in now!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. any final adivce guys for adsc tomorrow? :)
  2. Don't worry about it, you'll be fine mate! :)

    Good luck!!
  3. Work hard, do your best, and don't be cocky! Listen to what you're being told, the first time they tell you!

    You'll be fine!
  4. dont be cocky, dont associate with the cocky 1's

    dotn start on your run by sprinting, give everything your best
  5. I saw someone on parade getting kneed right in the nuts in Glencorse.

    I'm sure they've stopped that now :)
  6. its a good job i aint got nuts then! :wink:
  7. 1. listen to what is being said
    2. act on what has been said to the best of you ability
    3. don't go off on the run like a startled rabbit (there are always some)
    4. enjoy it
  8. so, how did it go then? When i was there couple months ago it was f*cking freezing!
  9. PASSED :D well happy! it was so cold and i cant tell you how windy it was! enjoyd every minute of it though and cant wait to get my phase 1 training start starts threw! i wonder when it will be??

    any way thanks for the advice guys! happy happy!

  10. Take it youre from Selkirk you had any need to worry
    good luck