ADSC Glencorse Experience

So shitting bricks but this gave me a good insight into what the future holds. 4th of April, here I come.
You'll be fine.
Don't worry about the medical, out of your hands.
Speak up, be confident, give encouragement and be the first to volunteer in team tasks.
On the run, just don't be sh*t.

And plate to food o_O
Hi all just joined registered etc. Had my call off recruitment centre think it's going yo be dnd of march beginning of April for my assessment. Will bring back memories back in 1995 when was last at glencorse Barricks would of been 18 going on 19 to join infantry 1.5 mile run was 12 minutes or under I cleared it in 9 minutes 12 seconds second out of 54 lads but really don't think I am going yo be as quick as that now 42 going for hopefully rlc driver got 14 minutes or under. Plus am part time smoker but that never effected me are there still a smoking area within the barracks does anyone who been there lately or is they strict about smoking on camp. If anyone got a date around that for assessment like I say end of this month beginning of April will no in couple weeks look forward to meeting you all.

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