ADSC Glencorse Deferal

Hey guys,

I went Glencorse 2 weeks ago, I have managed to pass everything except the run. I'm applying for Paras as my 1st choice and managed to get 9:45 on the run instead of 9:40, I consider this as being extremely unlucky. The interviewing officer said I can try again and come back in 30 days or take my second choice, I have decided not to give up and try for Paras once again as I was only 5 seconds short.

My question is guys, do I have to apply again or will I get an automatic invite for the next avaiable selection? I basically dont know what to do in order to go back in 30 days?

thanks in advance guys.

Wired Bandit

Im sorry to hear this, Definitley dont give up on it and go back and give it another go. In the mean time, call your CSM they should be able to tell you when your able to next go back to ADSC, and no you wont have to Re-apply from scratch,