ADSC Glencorse...............again

Any advice on:

Arrival Clothing
Interview Clothing
General Equipment Needed

Also anybody know if the adsc allow use of caffine simlulation drinks i.e. red bull etc
They tell you to arrive smart but in tracksuit is the easiest option therefore theres no messing about getting changed when doing your medical. Nice suit for your interview and just try not to feck about good luck m8
Spiny and dnt forget a towel like some mong did when i went
Red Bull is sold in the cafeteria so yea, you can get it. Arrive in a tracksuit so you don't need to get changed for your medical but bring a suit for your final interview.

The corporals there are funny as urine, but don't get gobby with them if you know whats best for you.

As for general equipment, you don't need much in the way of 'equipment', just a tracksuit, suit, maybe a spare t-shirt, towel and a magazine to read on the train there/on the train back. A pen is handy too, though they give them out for the grenade test.
Hahaha, yeah - deep bronze green - the wording is all important!

Also, in answer to your other post - the train station is Edinburgh Waverley.
Good luck to you mate - you'll be fine. Remember on the team tasks to be very vocal and enthusiastic!
Yea, if you shout a lot of encouragement to your team (whilst still putting in some effort yourself), then your corporal won't need to tell you to be "the loudest f*cking c*nts on the f*cking field!".

All the best!

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