ADSC Glencorse 6th December!

Hi im attending the ADSC on the 6th Dec! would love any advice on any area of the selection process....the good and bad points!

cheers! :)
all the hard work should have been done regards to fitness side of selection just stay focused relax give 100% and enjoy it good luck
i passed at glencorse yesterday, if you get through the medical you are pretty much there just make sure u can do the run and talk to your team on the team tasks.

it was a laugh just dont do anything really stupid and dont answer back of course :p we got to watch dog soldiers after breakfast lol and the interviwes were only lasting around 5 mins cos they wanted to get rid of us early, might be different when you are there tho.
im going on the 11th, cant wait to get it over and done with. the only thing im worried about is the medical..i dont think theres anything wrong with me but i'v heard a lot of people get deffered for heart murmurs even if they dont actually have one :S sounds a bit pot luck to me.
It depends on how you are. If you're heart is beating fast because you're stressed then it will bring up false readings. But then next time they test you then you might have calm down giving to different readings
ye this is my 2nd time around to glencorse, i got deffered for a heart murmur and sent me straight home :x ! took 2week for my result from the hospital to come through that nothing was wrong and now im making my way back up on thurs! the medical is harder than people think, just drink plenty of water and no alcohol or fizzy drinks! hopefully i'll be ok 2nd time round!
no one got sent home for a heart murmur when i was there, 2 failed the medical (eyesight and hearing), 1 failed to complete the run, 1 failed on i think it was confidence on the team taks and 1 was going for the paras and didnt do the run in the time needed so decided to come back instead of going for his 2nd choice.

out of 16 of us 11 got thier 1st or 2nd choice
I was there in October and had a great time. The staff there are hilarious (don't take anything they say to heart), the grub is excellent and if you put 100% in then you'll pass with no problems.

When you're in the gym doing the relays and whatnot, tell the team you're in not to cheat, because you'll be doing slow pressups in front of everyone if you do. When I was there one group got disqualified in most of the races and werea bit knackered afterwards.

When you're do the run, make sure you're not standing on the edges of the group as there's a few bushes of nettles and thorns there - a lad got shoved into one and landed flat on his arse when the whistle went which looked a bit painful.

Make sure you shout a lot of encouragement during the team tasks - our corporal told us rather verbally to be the loudest * group on the field, which paid off. Also, come up with more than one plan for each of the tasks as you'll probably find your first one doesn't work ;)

All the best when you go, just put 100% in and you'll be fine.

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