ADSC - glencorse 24th July

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jimbor, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi everybody. Ive got my selection on the 24th and was just wondering whos else will be there? Also any advice from anybody who has recently had their selection?
  2. i was up there in april, just keep your head down give 100% and you will have no problems!!
  3. Cheers mate. ill make sure i try my best. :D Do you find out what date you go to basic at the final interview if u pass?
  4. I was there in May, and yes you do.
  5. Excellent thanks for letting me know. now i know i dont have to wait to see when i go :p
  6. Hey im coming up for selection in the not too distance future (hopefully), iv been waiting 5weeks for a reply from the bloody army doctors, been on the phone to the careers office every 7days after the first 2 weeks and still no reply from the medical, well anyway - my question being wether anyone knows if you pass selection can you go on a basic at a later date than the most recent, Im set for pirbright if I pass but problem I have is that I cant go any time before August 23rd (Im best man at a wedding) so can I just get the next date after that or will I have to wait to find out etc?
  7. At this late stage, you're unlikely to get a start date so close anyway, (its only 4 weeks to the 23/08/07) so I wouldn't worry about it!
  8. ah okies thanks, damnit, would love a start date soon after the 23/08/07, would be alot easier if this damn medical wasnt taking so long! :s

    Thanks for the help anyway :)
  9. It depends what job you are looking at doing - I've got selection next week, and I know my start date is looking like February! Your ACIO should be able to give you a rough idea when you make your choice!
  10. Ah cool, actually going for ammo tech so ill ring them later and find out, thanks for the advice :)
  11. I got to choose my date for para training, there was a date in july but I asked for a date in August and I go away on the 26th august
  12. So Jimbor, how'd you get on?
  13. well i got defered until september. in march i went snowboarding, sorry tried to go snowboarding and broke my right collar bone. the medical intake rules say that you have to wait 6 months after breaking a collar bone before going for selection. now, originally i got told i wasnt going for selection until september because of this, fair enough. but then i got a phone call saying i had been put on selection fot the 24th of july. i got there after a 5 hour train journey and waited 3 hours for my medical, only for them to say i shouldnt have been there until september. so somewhere along the line somebody has cocked up big time. i spoke to the CO an he said he is personally going to investigate the matter. what makes it worse is that i know that i recovered enough to pass the pssr's, but still wasnt allowed so got sent home. and to top things off, ive just been made redundant form my current job :(
  14. Oh, a bad day then? I'm sorry to hear that! Keep your chin up, September will soon be here.
  15. haha u coulcd say a bad day yea. im fine about it just annoyed about whoever made the screw up. when have you got your selection? where?