ADSC Glencorse - 11th June

Anyone? I just got my dates, go to pick the old travel warrant next Monday, then up to Edinburgh on the Wednesday.
Hope all goes well for you on the 11th fella. :)

I'm up there on the 16th; not much of a response to my thread either.
They do selection up there on an individual basis, apparently the local folk walks for days over the mountains to attend, what with no roads and that ;)

The proclaimers basically explain it..
Just got my rail tickets for Wednesday. Met a lad at the AFCO who is also going up on the Wednesday, so at least I'll know someone on the train up there!

Can't wait now :D
I'm looking to go back up ASAP. I went on the 3rd of June and was sent home for apparently blood in my urine, Which when i was tested by my GP wasn't there so that p!ssed me off so hopefully I'm back up there within the next month.
Best of luck lads! Just remember give 110% and ul be fine.
Unfortunately I got deferred on the first day due to medical reasons. It's nothing that will stop my from joining, I just have to go have another check up at my GP... and then go all the way back up to Glencorse to finish selection in a few weeks! Which is a bit annoying. Better safe than sorry 'n all that I guess..

Was great fun though, enjoyed every minute of it while I was there! :D
Possible hernia, so the doc says. I respect their decision, and I'm just going to have to crack on and get everything sorted before going back.
Sexual. How the feck didn't you spot that beforehand then?

I've had a varicocele which has since been operated on, so i know how it feels to have something dodgy in my ball sack.
Well it may sound stupid, but it really wasn't noticable. No pain/discomfort and my shagging technique wasn't affected. I guess they're trained to spot these things though...very thorough medical!
I hope he doesn't spot the little tears in my anus! If it's that thorough i'm expecting he will discover them.


p.s , i really do have **** fissures.

p.p.s Why the feck did i just admit to that on the internet?

forget i ever said a word!
Luckily because of the varicocele i had, i've had my balls checked thoroughly numerous times and they are perfectly healthy.

I'm just worrying about bloody heart murmurs, everyone seems to get them at ADSC even though there is sod all wrong with them!

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