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I recently attended ADSC at Lichfield. Here’s how the two days went:

Firstly, parking at Lichfield City station is plentiful and you might want to consider driving if it is easier.

Recruits started to arrive and two minibuses turned up. It was mixed Reserve and Regulars. We were lined up at the bus station and given two folders – one for documentation and the other for personal effects. We were also given our candidate numbers and told to remember them. There was some chit-chat but we were told to button it. Off we went to the base.

On arrival at the base we were met by further staff and lined up again for a further briefing. Piercings etc had to be removed and our baggage left in a storage area. Then in we went to the ADSC reception for a medical briefing and tp pick up our numbered bibs. I was pleasantly surprised at the facilities at Lichfield – very clean and modern.

First thing we all did was fill the urine bottles, so make sure you are well hydrated. Then we were split up and moved around the medical facility to do the various tests which I think everyone should be familiar with. Lichfield benefits as it has the facility on site to test for a heart murmur – so they can confirm whether or not you have a proper one there and then. At the medical stage we seemed to loose about 20% of the candidates. Ones I spoke with had these reasons given – low BMI (2 candidates), Musculoskeletal (1), Asthma (1), Irregular heart rhythm (1). Some others were deferred but allowed to continue – in the main these were BMI (too high). Everything I read lead me to believe that it was heart issues that led to most deferrals, but in my group it was BMI which is really easy to calculate before you go. Basically if your BMI is too low they seemed to send you home, if too high but everything else checked out you were allowed to continue – I thought it would be the other way round! Those who were allowed to continue would have to come back at a pre-determined time to re-do the BMI.

After lunch consisting of quite a decent sarnie and a piece of fruit we moved on to BARB, TST (as relevant), Ice breakers and a briefing from the ADSC head on values, standards etc. On the Icebreakers you get a sheet to prepare which you have to hand in – the sheet tests your written communication skills – none of us were expecting that. The icebreaker was easy but you must be able to convey what your phase 1 and 2 training looks like for both regs and reserve. For the reserve guys TSC B is not phase 2!!! A a few got caught out here. We seemed to lose some more people in the afternoon but I’m not sure why.

Then we went to the accommodation, made our beds and headed off for dinner. The accommodation was a surprise – very good standard bunk rooms and facilities. The cookhouse was decent and the food was good. Recruits started to gel at this point.

The evening was spent doing paperwork in a modern conference room and we all went through every sheet together. Then we had some recreation time. Most of us just watched a film on TV.

In the morning we were woke at 05:30 so make sure you shower and shave the night before. Rooms were squared away and we marched to the cookhouse. Don’t over do it and stack up on the coffee as PT came fairly quick afterwards.

We had a PT brief for about 30 mins then we were straight in to the PT, bag lifts, Jerry cans, and run (in that order). If you are training for the run, take into account a PT session, bag liftsm jerry cans and a lap of the course happens right before it. Make sure therefor you pre-exhaust when practicing your best efforts. The run went by in a blur but I believe two candidates didn’t make it – I think one saw his (full English) breakfast half way round and one just stopped running.

Next its team tasks. Easy enough, but whilst a lot is made of not saying enough you also need to be careful not to be too bossy. At this point everyone stinks but I think most people knew wether or not they had done enough so people were in good spirts. We showered off and got changed.

Finally it’s the interview. You just have to wait for your number to be called. Quite straight forward. I was in the first batch and was offered a minibus back to the station at about 11:45. Out of 6 of us in the bus 4 of us passed and 2 were deffered – 1 owing to literacy and 1 was too quiet in team tasks. I passed with a grade B.

Overall it was a good experience but it is hard and preparation is crucial. It’s probably the none physical things that will catch you out though. I think far too much is made of the 1.5m run on this forum.
If you mean the warm up it was half the full course. At Lichfield it's not flat either so whilst it balances out you have some extra lactic acid to deal with.
If you do well in the ice breaker, BARB tests etc, pass 1.5 mile run, but don't do too well on the jerry can carry and powerbag lifts will you be deferred?

I only ask because the army are pretty desperate to increase the capacity of the reserves.


depends what you want to join but you need to pass all of them ideally, just because the army are calling out for more people to join the reserves doesn't mean they will lower their standards, what regiment are you going in for?
Royal Artillery. I'm confident with 1.5 mile run with the warm up took into consideration, powerbags are fine after practicing today. I'm just worried about the jerrycan carry...

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sup rec

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hows that then? my old mate in mpgs is constantly bitching that he has to do pfa twice a year sit ups press ups and the 1.5miles????

Once you are in then press ups and sit ups are tested as part of the PFT. However at SC the only physical tests are the jerry can carry, the power bag lift and then the 1.5 mile run with a 800m warm up. The run is done on the morning of the 2nd day so is really a stand alone test.


I did press ups at the adsc and I went there in 2005 when I was 16 to try and get in and I did pull ups then, and goochscratcher the jerry can is ******* easy mate! I could of done the jerry can test about 5 times over before I got tired! where are you going for adsc?
Lichfield, I've heard they have a fairly decent and flat 1.5 mile route?

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