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Hi, first off sorry about the stupid simple questions I will asking. What is a ADSC? Is that where you do all your Application interviews and Medical checks or is it some Medical check I have to got it sorted out first before I join? Also, I hold an Irish passport but I have been living in Thailand the rest of my life and I decided to join the army just because it's what I really want to do. That was a bit off topic. Will the interview last only a day or how long would it last. I know and understand that there are chances people will not be able to join the army, but my main reason of asking is that I have to relations in the UK and I don't really want to pay a long time for a hotel because the UK is pretty expensive in my circumstances.

Again sorry for any confusions, English is my second language.:D

Thx AwwYeah!
Your question has been more or less asked before so search the threads.
However the Army Development and Selection Centre is where you try and convince the selection officers that you're te sort of person the army wants.

You turn up day one get a medical, which also involves alot of sitting about, take an 'Ice breaker' which is a short (2-3 minute) talk about yourself why you want to join who you want to join and what you know about them. Next is the first stage of the physical tests the power bag lift and jerry can carry. you have various presentations a military themed lesson on which you'll be tested on the next day.

Day two starts of with a couple more briefs then a test to see how you respond to verbal this case throwing a dummy grenade, then onto team tasks( think get from A-B only using x y & z) a 2.4 km best effort run finishes the morning off. More presentations on Ph 1 Training and TACOS and your final interview.
The you're off.
Thanks for the speed reply, I am aware that the questions has been alot on the board but I didn't feel like the answers really hit me. In my understanding the Joining only takes two days and BOOM your in the Phase 1 training? Also, they have tacos in England too?
yep the tacos bit, although the answers isn't an obvious one
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