ADSC completed, B grade

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by sezz, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Just back from my ADSC and got a B grade. The officer said that I needed only 4 more marks to get an A and I'm absolutely kicking myself for not getting one.
    Just wondering if any of you know how this will affect my chances of getting to Int Corps selection? I've heard that you pretty much need an A to get considered but since I was very close to getting one will I still have a chance?
  2. I only got an average B at ADSC, the team tasks were very poor for me. The Major doing the interview at ADSC asked me some random current affairs questions to try and gauge my suitability for Int Corps selection, i did well on those, and came across well during the interview. ( i think it helped that i had some decent-ish academic grades too, aswell as having knowledge of his local pub ) I was recomended for the Int Corps selection process, and subsequently passed that, so it it definitely possible!
  3. That's definitely reassuring to hear! Team tasks were painfully average for me, trying to tell people ideas while everyone is shouting louder than the next person to try and stand out, then the odd one or two doing the opposite of what everyone agreed! Nightmare!
    My interview was very strong and the officer said he would definitely recommend me for the Int Corps so here's hoping!
  4. Good luck to both of you.
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  5. I got a high B at the ADSC and like yourself, I was a few marks off an A due to being too quite in the team tasks. I was still recommended for Int Corps selection though so you shouldn't worry.
  6. Just got word from the careers office, the int corps want me to go for testing! All is well!
  7. Have you got a date? i attended ADSC on the 8th Jan and came away with an A grade, however I have not heard anything about Selection at Chicksands...
  8. Yeah, they gave me my provisional date to start training as well. Did you contact your AFCO after you completed the ADSC?
  9. FoC. However, on a serious note, it's not all about the tasks per se, but as you describe, how you present yourself at interview etc. well done and hope you go far in God's own Corps should you get that far. ( just don't become a dim-sider!)

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  10. I've got O Level Art and I was in the Int Corps. Does that compare?
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  11. I failed GCSE Art.

    (well, I got an E about 25 years ago. That would probably be an A* in modern GCSE marking...)
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  12. Professorship at the RA, at the very least.
  13. What were your school grades like? I managed to get a fair few highers and done a year at uni so I've got a feeling it bumped me up the list considerably