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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by B__ra_d, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. hi i am at the ADSC on 18 th july and i was wandering what kind of things i have to pack

    if u could reply thank you
  2. Travel in tracksuit or similar and take a spare one with you. Take a pair of shorts as well for the run. Pen/pencil for written tests (we were provided with them but always good to be prepared.) Take smart clothes, such as a suit, for the interview. Also something to sleep in and wash kit and towel (you'll get the chance to have a shower before your interview) I also took a spare pair of trainers as it was very wet when I was up there and a water bottle to have on standby following the run. Also an alarm clock (or mobile phone with an alarm) is also helpful. Some cash as you'll go to the NAAFI for an hour but you don't need much. And I think thats about it....

    Good luck and let us know how you got on.
  3. One more thing, note to females going to ADSC, make sure you take hair bobbles as your hair needs to be tied back. Also, the medical is supposed to be done in underwear for females but they do allow you to do it in shorts if you have them.
  4. Travel in tracksuit?

    Well, you can if you want, but I was told, and firmly believe, that first impressions always matter. Turn up in a suit to give a good first impression.

    Other than that, good advice, but take a biro with you just in case, and it'll show you're prepared. Best of luck.
  5. I don't know if that depends on the ADSC in that case as I was told I had to arrive in a tracksuit and all other applicants that were there at the same time as me arrived in tracksuits as well.

    B_ra_d - I would check that with your careers office before you go. Which ADSC are you going to?
  6. pirbright
  7. How did you get on?
  8. is anyone going to be at ADSC on the 30th july?.....jus so i got someone to talk to....
  9. Which one? I'm going to Glencorse on the 2nd August!
  10. Just completed and passed selection at Lichfield. Was told to go there in smart dress i.e. shirt & trousers (no tie required). Was a range though from people like myself smartlt dressed, to jeans, to tracksuits. I agree though, first impressions to count, especially as you are being assesed from when you arrive.
  11. The instructions I got issued with on Wednesday said to travel in tracksuit to allow for minimal disruption on arrival! I was quite suprised, as I expected to be travelling smartly dressed - but got to do whats asked I suppose!
  12. Just had my date through for my week.. short notice I know!! im well excited, really looking forward to it. Gonna cost me 80 quid on the train though :cry:

    If theres anyone else there next week I guess I'll see ya there!! good luck to anyone else who is gonna be there!!
  13. holy crap 80 smackers!
    well good luck :)
  14. ? 80 quid on the train, have a word with your Recruit Sgt, they should provide a rail warrant.Or at least keep your ticket and claim it back.
  15. yeah im under the impression that I will get the money back, so its not too bad but I still gotta cough it up at the train station. 4 and a half hour journey :cry:
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