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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Forastero, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    In here please.
  2. Medicals: Dont lie be honest (if you get deferred like i did cause of heart murmor its not the end of the world all i had to do was wait 4-5 weeks and within that time get a scan done)

    Ice-breaker:Confidance is the key, dont be cocky like guy said bellow No crap! be prepared.

    Upper-body: (Heaves bellow) Right you go into the pssr room you do each exersise so hard and with 150% effort your ready to pop give it everything do as the PTI's tell you make sure to watch the tecnique they show you.

    Team task: Dont be talking over some one, talk as you would amoungst your friends give your ideas even if they are stupid ( you may think they are but they might be the key to getting the task done)

    PT lesson: Go in there do everything the PTI's tell you watch how they do it dont say ''oh i cant do that no matter how much pain you are in''

    Grenade pract: what I did was crawled like your meant to do but hammer the ground dont let pain take over your mind your objective is to get to the mound and wait for the guy beside (if two on the task) say ''3-2-1'' together roar yes ROAR GRENADE!!!!!!!!! keep the head down and be aggresive.

    Grenade theory: ok lads you want to get everything right only one thing to do bloody learn it easy as that its easy and learn phinetic alphabit know 24 clock ( its piss easy)

    The famous 1.5mile: Fitness is key in the army as well as other things ok what my ADSO (seclction officer) said to me in the interview he could see in my eyes and my face how much i wanted the army he knew i was puttin in 150% in no simplier way to put it TRAIN!! and remember you have 800m warm up.

    Interview: dont lie DONT SAY YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER IN RUN /ICEBREAKER whatever cause ADSO will think your not confidant PTI's will say that to you anyway.

    other tips: always Yes sir/no sir
    yes corpral/no ...

    I know ye were all told about this and read about it but i wanted to give my views as a person who has done it already...I want to wish everyone the best of luck wgo ever is going for ADSC

    ...Just remember its your JOB INTERVIEW ...26ishHRS LONG

    Be confidant
    150% .
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  3. All of the above, with an added:

    - Practice your heaves a lot. Lock your arms straight at the bottom of the motion, or suffer the wrath of hearing the PTI going "One.. one... one... one..." until you do it 'properly' and you've wasted half your strength. 15/16ths of the way down is not enough! Lock those arms!
    - Hold back any traits in your personality that cause you to talk utter crap about yourself to the other recruits. No-one liked the one culprit we had in our group in the slightest. Example of such crap would be one my group endured sat in the Beharry room: "You guys ever tried coke? I have. I used to be bang on it boi. Once spent £450 on a Friday night on bugle, it was f***ed mate, but I was alright cuz I could handle it"
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  4. Haha, i remember that guy, number 25. What a tool lol.
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  5. You get them every where lol guy at my ADSC said he was drinking and doing drugs last weekend everyone was just looking at him like what the hell like but its funny watching them make ejets of them selves...Our Selection Officer said a guy stuck his middle finger up at a PTI's behind his back and the selection officer was looking out the window ..........i wonder did he get A grade lol ..wasters....
  6. team tasks is probably the most important , even if you have nothing to say just shout encouragment to everyone in your team. ADSC isnt hard , just show your enthusiastic and serious about getting a job in the army .
  7. Some people say the run is the most important, some say icebreaker and team tasks i say put 110% into every single aspect and treat everything as important! That way regardless what happens you know you gave your best and you couldn't of grabbed extra points elsewhere. As long as you come away from ADSC knowing you gave it all you can hold your head high.
  8. hmm i'd say all 3 have a big impact on score , but if you dont do enough in all of the team tasks then you can be deffered . 10.30 gives you a good grade on the run , which isnt a very hard time to get really and icebreaker is easy because all you do is talk about yourself lol .
  9. Yes they are all important but what im trying to stress is everyone should aim to smash all aspects. I have seen and heard to many people deferred because they thought they'd get an A just by doing well on the run and slack eleswhere. Same could be said for team tasks and icebreaker, you could do well there and have a piss poor run time outside the limit.
  10. we had a few lads fail the TST so if your going for a technical trade i guess thats pretty important too , its al basic maths though not hard stuff .
  11. couldnt agree more ! I have mate deferred over upperbody on one exercise and he did good on the other 2 ex. caused him 3 months deferral (B-) no point going all prepared just for run if that was the case all the Army would have put on the ADSC list ..1.5mile run ..
    The army would not put any ''pointless' tasks there they put them on the ADSC cause they want to get a grip of your persinality /fitness/disipline etc etc...
  12. Spot on fella, i remember the PTI saying "we can make you fitter but cant give you a personality transplant".
  13. Once again couldnt agree more that is a good saying ha
  14. I have selection next Tuesday at Pirbright and I'm coming down with a really bad cold/ cough, does anyone know what would be the best thing to do? Do I rest and hope i'm better for Tuesday or do I phone my recruiter asap and get my date changed? Work wise I would'nt be able to get the time off for another selection until Feb so I don't want to look like i'm not keen!
  15. Hi there,
    I had a really bad cold when I was doing my ADSC which was last week it was tough but mine only got bad a day before my ADSC so in your case if you were to ring your recruiter they would not mind as you cant help having a cold and it would not look like your ''not keen'' or commited so really in my view its a personal thing if it was me tuesday is a bit away yet so maybe take it easy and continue little training if you could train in a gym it would be better as your out of the cold and its warm in there but otherwise best of luck and let us all know how you got on ;)