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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bezzy93, May 19, 2011.

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  1. I passed the selection process the other day and have been pretty depressed about getting a c ( I fucked up on the run and didn't put 100% in ) But dose anyone have a idea how long it will be until I get called up to catterick or will I just keep getting put to the bottom of the pile for 2 years? (my acio said I will be in by next year which I'll be fine with but I don't believe them)
  2. With a C Grade at ADSC, honestly, I would try McDonalds M8.
  3. I passed adsc with a high B grade september 2009 and got my date for catterick january 2010. However then I injured myself and was cleared this january and have adsc this mondat coming. It could be any amount of time dependant on the regiment or corp you picked. The trade? Also the recruiters have all the info so just trust in what they say. Also at least this gives you time to train harder. What was your run time?
  4. Yeah thats the way I've been looking at it that way now like the fact that it gives me extra time to train, thanks for the info though pal oh and by the way I'm joining infantry (Mercian regiment) I got 10:40 on the run, I miss counted the three ******* laps and I thought I had one more so I slowed myself down so I didn't faint or something mostly I'm just worried about like say if 50 people get higher grades than me and I don't end up getting in for like two years. But I rang my acio this morning and they reckon that even with a c I'll still be in next year so I'm not too bothered it will give me time to get shit hot at running and pushups and running
  5. Lol never mind people I've just got my date ; 21st of august well chuffed
  6. Good luck!

    You'll need it if you're going Mercian! :)
  7. Good luck. Run times are a bit academic now as you will improve if you try and give it your best shot.
  8. Thanks why is it tough?