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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by britisharmy1, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Ok lets try and help each other out here,

    saying this is the joining up forum im sure many people ask themselves ''am I doing a sufficient amount of training for selection or phase 1...?''

    even more so would be nice for some actual passed-out soldiers to maybe give us some good fitness advice for preparing for training.

    So lets get posting and tell each other our daily/weekly fitness routines and maybe even your eating/drinking habits, maybe then we can motivate each other and possibly find a good routine from one of you guys to go by through our weekly fitness regime... :)

  2. you sound really queer.
  3. Erm

    Monday-4 Mile run (tempo)
    Tues-Long ride (typically 30+ miles)
    Wed-5 mile hill run, 16 mile time trial
    Thurs-Whatever I want, should be more running (maybe a swim)
    Fri-6 mile tempo and swim
    Sat- A ride of some sort
    Sun-Long run 8-10 miles + swim

    There, just don't bum me.
  4. Trainning 6 days out of seven:

    Trainning includes- 5 mile run mon/fri
    3 mile run tue/wed/thur
    press up 10 reps x5 sets (every day)
    tricep dips 15 reps x5 sets (every day)
    situps x20 reps x5 sets (every day)
    various weights 10 reps x5 sets (every other day)

    6 mile speed march (when i get new burgan as i broke buckle on last one)
    with 50lbs weight. (every other sunday)

    I eat lots of cereal that contains oats/dried bannana/rasins and pineapple.
    (if going for a tab i will add a full bananna to it)

    Drink lots of water!

    If iam feeling fooked, i wont go to the gym or go running. I take it as my body's way of saying "have a rest".

    Hope this helps... Triggy... :wink:
  5. Sun- Thurs: Eat, smoke and sleep
    Fri- Sat: Eat, smoke, drink and sleep

    Now you know my eating and drinking habits, hope you pass.