ADSC at Pirbright

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Hi there,

I'm going down to Pirbright tomorrow to do my selection. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips with regards to the ice-breaker and more specifically the military lesson on the grenade tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance
If you already done the ice-breaker (as I believe you did)then is pretty much the same,and the grenade lesson is easy mate,make sure you pay attention and take notes .Good luck
Its nothing to worry about.. If you have prepared! if you have a strong idea of what your going to say in your ice breaker then you will be fine. Be conifident, project your voice, if you forget what your saying or nerves take hold then take a few deep breaths, think about what your going to say and carry on. And dont say anything that will make you look bad, like i love to go out on the piss. You should get a board in front of you with bullet points of the subjects you need to talk about. The grenade test was probably the EASIEST part of selection for me...its not hard they give you basic info to remember. Looking back on ADSC now i think it was really good fun, and not really that hard. (i spent months training for it)! I was one mark off an A, that was because i wasnt fast enough on the run! Good luck.
Let us no how you did. What job you going for?
thanks for the replies guys...been training for around a year now so im aiming for an A at least....Im aiming to join 1 R WELSH. what are you in?
Regards to your ice-breaker, practice it until you know it off-by-heart. And the grenade test is pish, just go through it a few times, i sat and looked through it a few times after lights out.
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