ADSC A grade standards ?..

hey all,
im new to this site, and still finding my way around..

ive heard pple talk abut getting B gardes on the Adsc.. but was wondering whats required to get a A grade ?

ive spent 18 months training to get into the Marines, but i failed the math part of the test, but the Army officer was pleased to offer me a career in the army, as you know, the marines entry is alot harder than the army..
so im fit and ready to go..
I can run.. 1.5 miles in 9 minutes
3 miles in 21 minutes
4 miles in 31 minutes..
100 situps in 2 mins
50 press up (commando style) in 2mins
and 12 commando pull ups (over hand, not under-hand like heaves)...

so im looking forward to the adsc, but would like to know more about whats required..

thx all
Dont know about the grades but looking at your fitness it would do you better to get your maths sorted and re-apply for the Marines,I dont understand why they did'nt tell you that themselves.Get yourself to night classes or someone to help you out and go for it mate.
hey mate thx for the post...

well the marines did say i could re-try the entry exam, but not for another 6 months and with a new maths qualifacation...

im 30, so ive 2 yrs to get everything sorted before my time runs out for good, ive trained for 18 months learn all the history etc, but that doesnt mean i'll get my green beret, so i might have to aply for the army anyway, if i still wanted a military career, which i do...

so after talking to some close friends, i decided to sign up for the army, in the marines i'd be pushed to the limit 24/7, but in the army i have a chance to shine, as it were, because fitness level isnt so overly high, i hope to impress, and make a better solider, than marine...
my grand-dad would aprove (if still alive) coz he was 1 of the orignal 200 desert rats... so infantry is in the family...

(plus after watching, on the front line, and warship) i think the marines today their attitudes stink.. just my thoughts
Thats not attitude mate its just training :) wanting to shine is just not about fitness,there is a lot of other things to contend with and lots of hard work.I did a short time in the Marines 20 so years ago and loved it,you might regret not going for it but you could always go on the AACC at some later date,good luck with whatever your decision is :)

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