adsc 7/8/07.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. hey going to be at lichfield for selection on the 7th august 07 any1 around going to be attending same time post comments thoughts hints tips very much appreciated
  2. Yeah, just try to blend in and dont draw attention to yourself. Make sure you drink lots of water while the medicals are taking place as you could be waiting for up to 3-4 hours in a shitty hot room, i diddnt drink and my physical scores suffered badly. Watch out for the PTI guys :twisted: , Apart from that just enjoy it mate.
  3. yeah cheers fella should enjoy it av no worrys with fitness been training hard how many normally ova ppl go through selection wid u i only had my interview 2day
  4. While i was at Lichfield in june, there was about 25-to-30 blokes, only a few failed, just go, work hard and enjoy it.
    Quick hint: For your room inspection make sure everyones bed in the room looks the same, even if a bed is empty.
  5. thanks fella im suprised at few replys thought b few more that would follow suit and get as much info by coming on here when u did ur military lesson was it on the 1.2 A2 He grenade
  6. Its the HE grenade and the practice grenade, dont worry about that its simple stuff.
  7. cheers fella !
  8. there were 50 who went to mine at pirbright, 18 left after the medical, 15 left for interviews, 14 passed. everyone is different though im told