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New to writing on here, but have read a few things and enjoy the advice and debates. I am 33 years old and attending adsc glencourse on 21st of August and was really wanting to ask 2 things. Am I going to be the oldest person there by a mile? Just a little worried am going to stand out like a sore thumb.

Secondly, how should I come across in the ice breaker? I would say I am a confident talker in front of people but I don't want to be seen as arrogant or a know-it-all but I do want a good grade.

Any help on these 2 questions would be great


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Dont worry about the age thing, i did my adsc in march this year at 37 oldest by like 16 years, felt a right old granda, but when you get in and start going through the process you forget the age thing when everyone starts ti get to know eachother, i found that being the oldest the younger ones came to me for advice and stuff, not that i knew much more than them, as for ice breaker, first thing first, when you get up, stand at ease, hands clasped behind back, dont fidget around stay still and make eye contact with your audience, they will be looking to see how confident you are in front of people, all the info when i did my icebreaker was on the back wall and alk yoy had to do was talk on each bullet point. The last part of the talk is your topic, there is a selection of 6 or 7 different topics, best day, favourite film, stuff like that, i was sweating it when it came to talking and to be honest i was worrying over nothing, its easy, you get 2-3 minutes to talk, i thought i was talking too quick so babbled on, ended up talking for 6 minutes, so it flys through, you will enjoy all of it and dont let the age thing bother you too much, you soon get in amongst the rest of the guys and you soon wonder why you worried about in the first place, another point, dont eat too much breakfast if your run is first thing the next morning, you will not feel like running at all and when you do you will most likely be lying in a heap puking it up.
Im starting phase 1 in september here and am looking forward to it.
All the best with adsc, just do what they ask, address them in the proper manner and it will be a breeze.

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Thank you for your response. I guess I am being stupid but it's one of the few things I will be doing in my life that i am not totally aware of before I do it. I mean I know what I will be doing due to the email they sent and researching the different tasks like the run that I have prepared for. But standing up not knowing what I will be talking about is quite daunting, but I guess that's the challenge.

Thanks again and well done to you fella, you have inspired me a little with your similar age and spirit. Will take the tips you have given on board

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Dont think your being stupid mate, its called worry and nerves, we all get it and like you say especially when you are going into something new, i too was like yourself, no previous experience in armed forces and wasnt quite sure what to expect, i got a phone call on friday told to report to guard room the next tuesday at 0800, never got joining instructions and hadnt a clue even what to take with me, reported at 0800 to be told i wasnt on the list, luckily for me 1 guy never turned up, and was fortunate enough that those particular barracks held the medical records and had mine otherwise i was for home again, as i wasnt even on the system, i had to sit for over an hour to see if i could stay on that particular adsc, thankfully i got to,
If you have your joining instructions you will know roughly what to expect. Try not to think too much about ice breaker, when the time comes everybody has to do it, the words believe it or not just come from nowhere and you find yourself getting into your talk quite easily, as i said keep your hands behind your back, dont talk with your hands thats the worst, and keep looking round the room even if you dont make eye contact, but dint be worrying too much, if your confident dont be afraid to be confident but dont be too cocky, youll enjoy it, just think in the few weeks after adsc you will get measured up for your uniform and thats when things start to go somewhere. Anything else just put up a post or pm me.

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