ADSC 15th May

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ironeye, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Next thursday Anyone going?

    I'm pritty much shi*ing myself. Since its just over a week, what should I be eating? I'm really nervous about the running, I don't want to over do it and give myself an injury before going so should I stick to every other day?

    Now off to sign on at the job centre. A big thanks to all you tax payers :lol:


  2. Good luck mate! :D
  3. G'luck ironeye!
  4. Yes stick to every other day if you wanna know who else is going it would help if you told people which ADSC your going to aswell, brains. Just eat clean foods and for f*ck sake dont drink any red bull on the day else youll get the dreaded murmur
  5. I'm going to Pirbright, I used to have 4 cans of red bull a day, Stopped drinking it about 3 months ago, on patches now. 8)
  6. Good Luck :D
  7. I use to inject it.
  8. I have my letter now :lol: I see the as I'm joining Infantry I wont be required to take the TST. Big relief as I'm shi* at maths.

    Its a little less informative about the ice breaker (Each applicant to introduce him/herself in 2-3minutes) But already checked on here for some topics :)

    Totally exited now I have the warrant card 8)
  9. How long have you had to wait for adsc since your interview?
  10. I waited about two weeks. Some people wait longer. It totally depends!
  11. 2 weeks, shouldn't take long ;)
  12. For the Grenade lesson is it the same Grenade each time? If so which one is it?
  13. I waited since january to get the all clear medically now my afco is kind of rushing things as its taken so long i did my first interview friday and got my next one monday so hopefully ADSC wont be too far away.
  14. Im at Pirbright week on thu...22nd May. Im a chick and I believe we do it seperatley to the lads now!

    Also, at Pirbright the JI's show that we do a Beep Test...which is nice! Anyone know the standards required for this male or female?

    I was at Pirbright camp last month on shooting comp and saw the 1.5mile run. starts on grass apparently, mostly on road then ends on grass again.

    Good luck pal
  15. Well I'm pissed off. 7kgs over weight! So the sooner I loose it the sooner I can go back. The nurse said it will take 3 months to loose that much. There is no way in hell I'm waiting that long. So I need a strict diet and exercise plan.

    One other lad god differed for having a rash on his foot !