ADSC 12th (tomorrow) tips please

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freshage, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. ive revised everything i possible can, i have studied my chosen job role very well, ive got my story for my icebreaker down to a T, not so clear on the ranks, but know them roughly and in general (will try to get better on those in the next 24 hours)

    is there anything i should prep for? any hidden questions that might catch me off guard?

    as odd as you may take this, but the ADSC, as far as im concerened is my 2 day chance to sort my life career our, and i want to make sure i pass it with flying colors and come out smiling :D

    i ran 5.2 miles in 29 mins today, my current record for 1.5 (the route i run exactly is 1.6 miles) is 7:48. shamefully though i can only do 12 heaves haha... was down the yard today with my rents, got hold of a couple of gerry cans, filled them up and walked for a fairly long time without dropping them (maybe 10 mins or so) so i think i will be ok on that

    just need as much help as possible. ive got it in my mind im not going to fail, not gonna stop or give in until im sick, going to drill my face into my notes for the test... i DONT want to fail at this.


    p.s. thanks in advance
  2. Shamefully LOL...I passed selection last week and I can tell you that most couldn't even do one let alone 12!

    You'll pass the physical aspect hands down with those results.

    What you going in for?
  3. mate if your telling the truth then you will fly through the 2days (aslong as u pass the medical and team tasks which are the main other reasons people fail) best advice is probly to just keep your head down and get on with it and enjoy it. its gd fun :p

    gd luck m8
  4. aye, the results are true, although, i was very sick for 15 or so mins after that 1.5 run.... pushed my self more than ever before. BUT, looks like all the previous yeards of downhill mountain biking has come into use on the physical side lol.

    im joining the infantry light division hopefully. im so excited i simply dont want to sleep lol. but im gonna hit the sack in a min :D

    yea, im brilliant within a team (as far as im aware), keep my mouth shut and open the trap when needed, be it encouragement or a suggestion.

    as for the heaves, i thought 12 was awful :O well this is music to my ears :D

    thanks guys

  5. Keep your mouth shut whenever your with the corporal/ sergeant and let it all out during the team games lol!

    Like dlm7 said you should fly through it, best advice would of probably been to go to bed earlier...wouldn't want to fall asleep during the CSM's briefing!
  6. 12 heaves is awful? lol someone at my selection made it through with with 2

    RodneyG is right tho u should be in bed! lol
  7. right, im off for my sleep :D got a long day tomorrow preping, and shaving this face fluff off haha

    night guys, and thanks :D

  8. so, anyone else going tomorrow?

    im heading to pirbright from reading.

    gonna test the humor of the sgt's by turning up in a 80's shell suit with some bright blue sweat bands both on my wrists and head

  9. :lol:

    Hmm... Perhaps that is not a good idea, why don't you start off as you mean to go on, turn up smartly dressed, i.e. a suit if you have one, if not, trousers, shirt and a tie - it gives a good impression.
  10. i was planning to wear my smart boots with some smart jeans, a shirt and a blazer, sort of like a very smart casual look. or do you think the suit will look better?

    if its any concelation, i dont wear hoodies haha... my father made pretty sure i had the utmost dress standards and always said "a painted picture is imperfect, but a copy is cheap"

  11. When I was there, most turned up in jeans, hoodies etc... only a few turned up wearing smart trousers, shirt and tie. The clothes you wear won't determine your success, but I always think it's wise to turn up looking like you want to be there.

    I turned up in a suit and the comment I received was 'You make a good impression', he even said wear a suit to Phase 1, your be wearing smart clothes during your final interview and technically ADSC is an interview from the start, so why not treat it like one?

    If you have suit, then I would recommend wearing it.
  12. thing is, im gonna stick my suit in a suit pack, if i wear it on the train ride and the morning on the journey there, its gonna be all muckey, and i highly doubt i will get the time to clean it/re iron it.

  13. good luck pal give it your all and you wont go far wrong
  14. I wouldn't stress too much about what you wear up initially...jeans, t-shirt and trainers were the norm for both my visits to Lichfield.

    Keep the suit for the final interview, good luck! ;)
  15. It will be urine easy for you mate, don't worry. I done 12 heaves too and like the guy above said most people struggle to do any. 12 was the highest in our section.