Adrian "Yorkie" Ellis RIP

Just a quick one for those that knew Yorkie. He passed away at home last Monday 25th Feb. Funeral at York Crem Wed 5th March.

Yorkie was a Reme VM Ssgt who also did his brats training to total 26 years service. A finer mate, you couldn't find, as those that knew him will agree.

If anyone wants more info, just let me know.
I think this is the same sgt my father had. Did he serve at tynemouth reme. 216 sqdn. If so he bounced me on his knee when I was a kid some 30 years ago.
I have just come across this very upsetting news today 18/12/2011, this is very sad news for me as Adrian ( Yorkie ) was a very good friend of mine, I have sent you a private message.

My regards to your family.

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