Adrian radford

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 181 Int Sect, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently writing the unauthorised biography of Adrian Radford, and since he has gone to ground, would welcome any contributions, public or private. It behoves me now, as the surviving Newsletter Editor, to warn you that mischief is afoot.
  2. Please report to slightly Nasty's office . Suggest a copy of Cognitio, or Threat! Down the back of your trousers / skirt.

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  3. So the newsletter survives- great! I remember the witchhunts years ago to try and track down the publishers and to get a copy was better than illicit porn mags when young!
  4. Thank you for all your replies -it will all be put to good use
  5. Meanwhile the Baron Shortarse is claiming full responsibility stating "It's because of my sheer awesomeness that this situation was brought to a swift conclusion".
  6. some media speculation that at least one exploding wallet was deployed in the resolution of this incident
  7. that's a bit harsh...