Adrenalin is probably brown...

I think there may have been a touch of luck, but then, I'm not a pilot. Views?

Hamburg close call?
haha I bet the passengers were bricking it
Christ. Kudos to the pilot. That must have been tricky -_-
Saw this on the news earlier, nice smoke from the wing clip and then managed to take off again! That takes some power from the engines to be able to do that. I wonder if they've that situation programmed into the flight sims!
I can only assume that that was what the almost landing I suffered at the hands of Von-Ryan air a couple ofd months back must have looked like if it had been light enough to see. I was on an evening flight into Leeds-Bradford when the captain decided that he'd have a go despite the fact that it was in the process of closing due to the high winds.

One bowel-looseningly turbulent approach followed by a rapid climb out was followed by silence and then an apology from the captain, once he'd got his breath back. He then took us to Manchester where they have less wind, aparently.
I heard the accident occured due to most/all of the passengers were sitting on the left hand side of the aircraft when it was landing and caused the 'trim' to be a little off-balance.
With the Captain also sitting in the left hand seat and the lighter co-pilot on the right this would only make matters worse. Not being an expert on this matter it does seem feasible to me.
I'm sure there are many experts in this forum who know alot about commercial aircraft and their balance problems and could clafify this point.

:wink: :twisted:

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