Adopting a dog?

Hello there people, I'm Siobhan, Bryan's BETTER half and am posting here with his permission for an appeal to all you dog lovers out there. I volunteer for a local animal rescue that takes in absolutely anything and everything however we have just had a dog that has broken all our hearts. His name is Otto and until last year he was a street dog in Translyvania, having been thrown out of his home and left to fend for himself as dogs over on the continent often are. He was very luckily rescued by a Spanish shelter however they have recently closed and hence Otto found himself making the very long journey to the UK where he was kennelled by UK GSR. The poor little fellow practically pined to death in kennels, not eating, not sleeping and just living a death really. One of the volunteers took him home and for the last few weeks he has been in a loving home environment and absolutely flourished, really coming out of his shell. He just needs fuss, love and nice plodding walks with perhaps an older couple who just want the compansionship and love that he so gives back. He is amazing with other dogs, so laid back and gentle and again with children of all ages ( he let a 3 year old petrified of dogs just pull his ears and walk him on a slack lead) and even cats. In fact, apart from a gentle plod a few times a day, all he wants to do is sleep and listen to classic FM - he hates Radio 1 so don't even try it.

I have him at the moment for the next few weeks and here he has just slotted in so well. He's such an old boy, at least 10, possibly more as rear legs can be a bit unsteady and we don't want to keep moving him from foster to foster but instead find his forever home. Much as I would love to take him permanently, Bryan and I are not allowed pets in our place otherwise we would snap him up like a shot (Well I would and if Bryan doesn't like it he knows where the door is!). Seriously, we have a baby due and I would have absolutely no problems at all keeping him, in fact I would so love to however life is going to change massively for us and I just wouldn't be able to give him all the attention he deserves when Bryan is away.

Otto comes with pet passport stamped for his many travels as well as vets papers, which, unfortunately, are in Spanish. Origionally coming from Transylvania we don't know if there is any vampire in him, or if he is related to the Cheeky Girls.

I have plenty of pics which I have no idea how to upload on here. If anyone is interested, please message us privately and we can take it from there.

Many thanks for reading this and hope you all have a great weekend,

Siobhan x
have you posted this in the Dog Lovers thread as well? what breed is Otto?
I didn't even know there was a dog lovers thread, it's more Bryan's domain! And sorry, Otto is a German Shepherd. Well, I personally think he's a bear the size of him however I am reliably informed he is a thoroughbred black and tan German Shepherd. Probably crossed with a bear!

I'll get Bryan to try to upload pics when he gets home later I have no idea how to do it.

Siobhan x
Let me speak to the OH when she gets in, we are experienced GS owners. How good is he with other dogs really? We have a greyhound who is getting on a bit. Also, how is he with basic commands and on the lead?
We've got four dogs here in Latvia and four cats. One dog I took off the street, another had been abandoned in the forest and two we took from the rescue centre. The cats came much the same way. Judging by your responses you'll very soon have a very good home for him for the rest of his life. If not however we have the space and could easily manage another dog.
Is he on the GSR site, and if so, which region?
Guys, thanks ever so much for the responses re Otto and I have to tell you that Oto has been found a home at the grand old age of 10. He is going to an old retired couple who spend their days cruising up and down the Norfolk Broads and have a house / mooring by the water so he is effectively going to be a houseboat dog. Hoofing result and Mrs is absolutely thrilled. She sends a massive thanks to everyone who got in touch and even added a ' you see, not ALL squaddies are *********!'

Cheers guys. Now, on another thread, some arrsers are having a bitch fight...
Thanks for the interest D-S, greatly appreciated. I don't think the old boy's got many years left but I know that his last ones will be amazing. I asked if she could adopt me as well, I'd be the son she never had. She laughed and said she has five others. Funnily enough, one of them serves with my lot so I may well run into him at some stage - small world. Still, I've got an open invite to cruise the Broads so will probably take her up on it.
PM sent mate.
I wish Otto a long, peaceful and pain-free life and well done you for helping him. I live in Portugal, which would have made another interesting addition to his passport stamps, but I have just adopted a three-legged, one-eyed Labrador rescue dog myself and she needs time to settle in.

I'll give the bitch fight a miss and go and look at the Arrse Kennel Club thread instead. :-D


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