Adopt a soldier

adopt a soldier
Despite the name we adopting any armed service member, have lots of people wanting to adopt but not many adoptees!

Adopt a Soldier is a new site aimed at sending parcels to those in Iraq Afghanistan and other such places who do not have family and friends to do so over their time in theatre especially over periods such as Christmas

To register your interest to Adopt a Soldier or to nominate a Soldier to receive a parcel please register at the forum and then enter your details on the relevant board

Adopt a Soldier provides unconditional and respectful support to military members and their families. We are NOT a dating service. If you are looking for such a relationship, please try somewhere else!
I've been in contact with , they reply to emails within 24hrs and seem to be doing a great job.
Maybe you should try contacting them instead of the ones you seem to be having problems with.Also had a look at adoptasoldier. The only board on it is a games one and it asks you to post your details on a board for people to contact you ref adopting a soldier. Doesn't seem the best organised
I am aware that you have to register! However why have a games forum as the main page!!I also notice AFTER my post on here about the games forum, a message was added to the front page stating that the games page isn't the only board!At least my comment seems to have had a positive impact in one way. The site is supposed to be to benefit the troops but, by making people register and wait for admin to approve the registration ,all the site does is make it more difficult for the person who finds it by chance to ACTUALLY support the troops. All the Adopt a Soldier site seems to be about is how many members the site can get.I also reiterate on the 'post your details on the relevant board' not very security conscious is it?!
I think I'll stick to an organisation who are easily accessed, respond quickly and politely to contact, have a proven track record and seem genuine in their wish to support the troops. So again folks I reckon if you want to deal with people who ,although giving their time and energy voluntarily, are professional in every way , your best bet is Oh and the Nell McAndrew pics don't do it any harm ;)
Oh and just in case anyone is wondering.......nope I'm not connected with supportoursoldiers in any way :D
Now, now... Although admittedly is the better site at the moment, "adopt a solder" is a brilliant idea and well intentioned. Let's keep the criticism positive - After all, it's us that will benefit in the long run.
Serving soldiers don't need to be "adopted". Checkout the wounded and homeless ex servicemen instead.

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