Adolf Hitlers naughty bedroom adventures

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Peeler94, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. No wonder he's got a fcuking smug look on his face
  2. I thought Eva Braun was a blonde ? 8O
  3. By all accounts Adolf was a sexual tyranosaurus in the bedroom. It's rumoured that his awesome cunnilingus technique was due to the instruction taught him by Dame Thora Hird on a Stannah promotional tour of Berlin in 1937.

    When Thora picked up her damehood at the Palace, her majesty was heard to whisper " Nice one Thora" whilst putting an index finger under her nose, waggling her tongue and giving a Naxi salute.
  4. :D
    Disturbing? not really.
    Funny, Oh yes!
    What would be offensive is if a shed load of people, could be seen being ordered into a large hangar by people dressed in clothing not dissimilar to that worn by the Waffen SS, but with the word AIDS emblazoned on their arm bands. They are then gassed and the viewing public would be subjected to the screams of anguish of the aids victims. The same end title would then be shown.

    Now that would be offensive.

    I should work in advertising me.
  5. I was expecting something on DVD with bad acting and big titties blondes..

    how disappointing...
  6. You swine! I'm now wiping coffee off the screen and trying to dry off the keyboard!
  7. Was that filmed at one of Max Mosleys parties?
  8. Aids does not murder people any more than drug or alcohol abuse does. Usually both paticipants decide that they fancy a sh*g, do the business and it is only after a few months they decide that unprotected sex was a bad idea. Like drug addiction and alcoholism there is no cure. The main difference being that if you get aids you will almost certainly die of it. The moral of the story here is "If you want to die early just resist the sexual temptation and get pissed instead". Mind you in Army parlance this is the regognised norm.
  9. Fcuk me, I bet you're a right laugh at parties! Shame Thora's not still around as a good fcuk would sort you out.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing personal 5A, but you could start an argument in an empty room. :roll:
  11. Some bastards been filming me in my bedroom! 8O

  12. This is very unfair. Adolph was a vegetarian and kind to animals. I'm sure he'd have used a prophylactic when taking a slapper up the Scott Ritter.

    The monstrous Barry O, with his NHS style final solution to the senior question would have been a more suitable leading man.
  13. You think my comment constitutes an argument? More of a fact judging by his eye-wateringly numbing post.
  14. Showed it to a mate, got him going "Ahh, showing Hitler in a bad light are we...?"

    I'd also add to that list, commissioned Hugo Boss to make some very nifty uniforms. Definately won the war in regards to uniforms... That sounds too gay.

    Still, yeah. Hitler has AIDS. :twisted: