Adolf Hitlers Hi De Hi becomes Des Res

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joshua Slocum, May 19, 2013.

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  1. in Saturdays times an interesting article about hitlers hi de hi camp, built it seems for those labouring for national socialism the Prora Complex on Rugen island in the Baltic
    Bing Karten - Anfahrtsbeschreibungen, Verkehrsinfos und Straßenbedingungen
    was started in 1936 and boasted around 10,000 rooms and stretched 4.5 kilometres !!!!
    every room had a sea view plus a site theatre,a cinema, a festival hall to seat 20,00 and covered sea water pools
    of course the conflict where he took on a few other countries drained the site of building workers who were transferred to nearby peenemunde ?
    then the unfinished resort was used as a training camp and then a refuge for hamburg citizens avoiding the attentions of the RAF
    post war the east german army used it for training it crack 40th parachute battalion ready for invading west germany
    well they are know knocking through walls and de nazifying the interiors ?? its now being turned into a luxury resort one german developer purchased 1250 rooms last year and aims to have 250 apartments ready by 2014
    i bet old adolf is turning in his grave at the prices being paid
    I thought it might have been good to keep and send all the romanians to live in !!
    the times page 44 18 may 2013
  2. Bit early in the evening to have already started on the meths isn't it?
  3. I had a little white spirits left over from last night
    shame to waste it !!
  4. Tell you what, we'll take 2 million penguins, and the Falklands can have 2 million dinner- jacketed Romanian Big Issue sellers.
  5. Oddly enough there are any number of left over buildings still knocking about. There is a mahosive air raid bunker in the middle of Duesseldorf that they have been unable to demolish due to it being some huge number of meters thick steel reinforced concrete and blowing it up/tearing it down would be pretty hard to do.

    They are still trying to turn that into luxury flats but cutting windows and doors into the walls is proving to be a bit of a problem.

  6. thats a done deal
    I will even organise the transport
    flatpacked cos I am gonna ice the ******* first
  7. so some bits of the thosuand years reich might be just that !!
  8. Use it as housing for pikeys.

    They'll have it in bits with the re- bars weighed in in a week.........
  9. a few years back did a flaktower tour in berlin,the guide said that the one we were in had,when built had plans for windows etc to go in,so it could be reused when the war had been won.
  10. Yers I read about this a little time ago in Spiegel. Not much should be read into this it's just one of those knee jerkers that the press get to the outrage bus for. Essentially it was a holiday camp , not a lot different to butlins for all kinds of NS workers like typists, bank workers where the state told them it was doing them a favour. There were also cruise ships life the Wilhelm Gustloff which gave tours around the Baltic. Of course "the great and the good" were always there extolling it a bit like workers play time.
  11. They must be HUGE rooms!
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