Adolf Hitler planned propaganda cable TV

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Random_Task, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. "Day four in ze big bruder haus..."

    Daily Telegraph Link

  2. The Germans carried on broadcasting TV until sometime in 1944 iirc. There was quite a good documentary on it a few years back.

  3. Nu-Liarbour will be very interested in this regarding any new plans for the BBC... :roll:
  4. you forgot

    Mengele's Kitchen Nightmares
  5. The Third Reich's Got Talent!

    I'm An Untermensch, Get me Out of Here!

    Waffen SS: Are you Tough Enough?

    Ross kemp in Stalingrad
  6. It was known as the 'Tits & Hitler Channel' when it first started, due to the profusion of soft-core and documentaries about the luftwaffe...
  7. Surely you'd just wait until late '44/'45 when the standards were relaxed?

    Hitler favorite meal show condemned
  8. Big Brother in the Auschwitz house.

    "Day 59 in the Auschwitz house. Clemmy Rosenberg, Arnie Goldman and Abraham Kurzweil will face the public execution tomorrow. Who gets shot in the face? You decide...."

    Coronation Strasse. The twice weekly soap opera of every day Ayran folk.

    Heute Morgen with Peter Schonenfeld and Fern Deutschland.

    Das Gestapo. Catch all the action from the boys and girls in black as they exterminate all the undesirables in Sun Hill.

    Little Germany. More hilarious sketches from Herman Walliams and Matheus Lucas. Including Victoria Pollard; Ja but nine but Ja but nine.
  9. Hitler's Women ;) :p
  10. Ready Steady Kuchen

  11. also I'm sure there would have been:-

    Pimp my Panzer

    Gestapo, camera, action

    undercover; The secret Landser
  12. I remember that , and roving news reports from that terribly personable interviewer, doing magazine pieces on growing your own vegetables , a day at the stables etc etc.

    What was staggering was just how advanced their programming and formats were , unlike ours "an evening with Alberto and his Orchestra live from Alexandria Palace"..
  13. Let's not forget an evening of

    'The X(termination) factor' followed by all new episodes of the 'The Mighty Bosh'.
  14. Hitlarious!!!!!!!

    What about something along the lines of that programme about embarassing illnesses.

    Dr Mengele could present and star in it, maybe it would be renamed

    " Mengele mangles", How would you say that in Aryan?

  15. How about an ARYAN version of Bad lads army.

    A gang of Untermensch are forced to undertake military training at the Totenkopf barracks, the unwilling recruits are obliged to finish the course and head to the front or their captive parent's "Get it".
    One young offenders single mother later in the show ,proclaimed tearfully, " I am so glad my little Willy has completed the course i am so proud of him and did wince when he was kicked in the face for trying to evade the flamethrower on the assault course.
    At the time i was chained to a radiator in the basement of the Police station next to a t.v. and a latrine. Willi later told me that if he had not finished the course my pupils were to be injected with industrial bleach and my skin sold to the Aryan equivalent of Saville row. Then i would be sent packing without as much as a travel warrant back to Berlin.

    Little Willi is on the straight and narrow now and has managed to stay off the Schnapps, mainly because he is in a penal battalion near Minsk.

    Maybe this post should be deleted before mandelson see's it.
    He is a bit partial to some tailored "Skin".