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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by marinecraft, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi, Was admonished for a minor offence in 1981, Can anyone tell me if this would be recorded on Regimental Conduct Sheet AF B120 or on any documents?

  2. If you were admonished, it will not be recorded on your Regimental Conduct Sheet, it will have stayed on your Company Conduct Sheet for 3 months, then destroyed. Read QRs.

    Sluggy x
  3. It would have only been destroyed if no other offences had been recorded on the Coy Conduct Sheet within the 3 month period you stated. If other offences had been recorded in that period, a full 2 year period without any recordings on either Regtl or Coy Conduct sheets would have been required, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 refers...
  4. Hi

    Thanks for your help, Yeah i did read QR's 1955, and they are confusing, for the AF B120 it states the following.

    (Chapter 5 Annex H para 5. F)

    5. The following summary awards are to be entered:

    f. Awards of punishment under the Naval Discipline Act, or any act amending or replacing the same, or Air Force Act 1955. Every award of punishment which is equivalent to a punishment awarded under the Army Act 1955, involving a regimental entry.

    Though in the Company Conduct sheet (AF B121) Para 15, it does state that a admonition is NOT entered, except for desertion or absence without leave.
  5. seems strange that, as under civil criminal law, an admonition is a guilty verdict, without punishment.... However, on reading more into this, had another offence been committed, during the 3 month period, then the original offence in which the admonition was given, could be resurrected, and punishment given. Similar in a Sentence Deffered for good behaviour, where after the 3 month period, sentence can be imposed or admonished being the sentence. Anyway its from 1981, therefore, under Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 there is no requirement to refer to it as a previous conviction, the crime is what is termed as SPENT, and disclosure is not required or can it be referred to in any future criminal proceedings, either Military or Civil....