Admiralty Hydropgraphic Publications

I am in the process of chartering a yacht for a forthcoming sailing exped.

i was wondering what the rules are with obtaining charts and publications from the Admiralty office?

I have in my possesion the relevant form for the JSATFA, but what happens upon conclusion of the exped? I take it you post them back or can you retain them for future expeds?

Are they quite WILCO with dispatching items requested, or do they scrutinise very request with "what does he want that for???"

Just trying to save some cash and avoid having to buy charts and Pilotage guides.
HO does not want them back. Costs to much to take the stock back on. Order away to your hearts content.

Best thing to do once a year, put together an exped, get charts, then cancel!

I have seen the charts that cover from Gib to Falmouth and all the coast in between go into a skip before. That was before I knew there was a market for them on ebay!
You are entitled to just about every publication in the catalogue relevant to the voyage. Charts, pilots, ALRS, Lights, Tides, Almanac etc etc. If you want something slightly exotic (Sight Reduction Tables etc), put a covering letter in claiming you need them for training purposes i.e. "Participants will be encouraged to become familiar with the use of a sextant for astronomical observation and the relevant sight reduction in the context of a small sailing vessel".


All publications/pilotage guides/charts arrived today. All on the list in the box. :lol:
So I should keep an eye out for what appears on ebay!

Great system we have for getting charts.

If only getting good foul weather gear from Bister was so easy!

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