Admiral West denies affair with Abba singer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Not arf!

  2. A few years back yes but not now

  3. This should not be in Current Affairs (snigger)

  4. No I never fancied anybody from ABBA.

  1. In full
  2. I can't understand why he is denying it. It could only bolster his credibility/coolness. Isn't that the most important thing in our "World" right now?
  3. There was a time when the Telegraph was actually a newspaper. This is another non story. Of course with troops fighting and dying in two war zones,the government running the country into the ground, rape and murder a daily occurence on our streets and the economy going down the pan there is no real news to report.
  4. Perturbed
    Not half it wouldn't. Especially if he had shagged the pop star during the vetting procedure. Did he clear the decanters and throw the babe face down on the table whilst the greybeards were interviewing him????

    Because if he did that man would get my vote every time, Phew!!!!

  5. Actually, come to think of it he wouldn't get my vote.
    He'd be shagging the wrong bird at the wrong time. It was the blond that had the class ass in around 1976.
    So he'd fail the interview for bad judgment and crap timing.

    But I'd let him know that if he wants to present his credentials to a board again - try using PowerPoint like everyone else.
  6. Yeah but now she's living like a hermit on some Swedish Island and is as mad as a box of frogs :D Thats on the minus side - on the plus side - she'd get it :twisted:
  7. I'd like to stress that I'm not sleeping with the blonde one!
  8. Seconded. A nice quote like "knowing me, knobbing you" would have been perfect.
  9. Isn't it slightly worrying that high level sources are revealing details of a previous security vetting??? Surely this are confidential ffs, or else they risk people not revealing everything that they should to the vetters in case it gets leaked...
  10. Yep still would.
  11. This has to be top of the "Headlines I Didn't Expect" list for 2007. What next, "CAS accused of affair with Carol Decker from T'Pau"; "CGS denies romp with Karen Woodward from Bananarama"?

    [Littlejohn] You couldn't make it up! [/Littlejohn]

    P.S. If he has then good on him.
  12. What?

    Fred West was an admiral!?
  13. Fcuking classic mate fcuking classic.

    But listen, I've just heard we have been out done - by the French.
    Sarkovsy is knocking off the the very fit Carla Bruni. Carla Bruni is a nice looking Italian ex model and singer song writer who once had a fling with Mick Jagger.

    He being French is of course not hiding the fact but flaunting it. In fact it takes pride of place on his c.v.
    And all we can produce is a retired admiral shagging a retired Swedish pop star whose arsse retired even earlier!!! One old slapper shagged another old slapper and hoped no one noticed.
    I ask you, what ever happened to this once great country of ours!!!
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I'd like to boast that I am!

    but sadly I can't.
  15. Absolutely. Remmebr the Harding affaire in the early '90's?

    CDS is shagging a good-looking Countess (who is also a bit Downstairs in the Upstarirs Downstairs)

    Who cares - The French LO at HQ BAOR wondered what all the fuss was about. CDS has a Mistress - of course he has!