Admiral thanks Cornwall for anti-piracy efforts

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 14, 2011.

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  2. Quite right too! (note lack of piss taking comments about ipods and the like).
  3. I followed your link ready for some outrage only to find another link to a tale of a bloke and his male order bride (I know what I mean).


    Observe the firm jaw line, the unusually large hands and subtle hint of five o'clock shadow. Obviously "her" husband didn't and that's why he has a massive grin across his face, prior to encountering the last turkey in the shop on his wedding night.
  4. Cooking far eastern food with Cock Sauce takes on a whole new meaning.:eye:
  5. What an absolute joke, the Somalis must think we are the biggest suckers/soft touches in the world! :-( FFS no wonder so many third worlders want to come to the land of milk & honey, not forgetting ever so generous welfare benefits! Its a wonder the RN wern't asked to give the boat & weapons a thorough overhaul as well, to ensure the innocent loves wern't in any danger from a capsize or misfire!! :-(
    A quick burst on a .50 cal to ensure the boat sank & created enough blood to attract the sharks would have been the sensible & ecology friendly thing to do!!
  6. The other night on the BBC news itb said that there are about 200.000 Somalis in London. No wonder they come here when our military treats them so well. They think we are soft and like them.
  7. is this a nazi fest?
  8. I'm sure that you can start one if you wish. I didn't advocate gassing them. I'm not surprised that they come here if their pirates meet our sailors on anti-piracy patol and they are not shot but fed and watered. It does give a clue where to go and live.
  9. Somalis are bastards and I despise them beyond all measure. My first job after college was in Immigration in 1993. They were coming over in droves and where other nationalities that my section dealt with were after status letters so they could get jobs, the Somalis were only interested in having a status letter so their benefits didn't get stopped. The most rabid anti-semite in the Third Reich didn't hate Jews in the same way I hate Somalis. I would love to go "Vlad" on them.

    and breathe.......