Admiral Sandy Woodward dies aged 81

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. RIP Sir.

    Sincere condolences to his family.
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  2. ^ ditto to what FM said RIP .....
  3. RIP Sir.
  4. One of two people who inspired me to join up. 100 Days remains a must-read.
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  5. Joined at 14. You could leave school at 14 in those days and Dartmouth was more of a public school rather than the postgrad college it is today.
  6. RIP Sir. It's strange that our true national heroes are always those who shun the limelight and will probably get little or no media attention upon their passing.
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  7. RIP Sir.

    Admiral Woodward did what many, including many within the defence establishment, thought was impossible. His book, One Hundred Days, provides a vivid illustration of both the pressures and realities of command, and of modern naval warfare. His sense of humanity comes across throughout the book - not just for our own people, but also for the Argentines.

    I read his book when I was 14, I think I bought it sometime between Christmas Day and New Year in 1991. A great influence, not only career aspirations, but also things like certain academic choices.
  8. He and Terence Lewin put a lot of the senior defence establishment, military and civilian, to shame in their appreciation and execution of the plan to reconquer the Falklands.

    Bless him, and condolences to his familiy.
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  9. Gave many a submariner grey hairs so I'm told. Wonder if Sharkey is going to the memorial service!

  10. He should be given a full military honours funeral. Or even a state funeral.
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  11. A fine leader and even deep into retirement said it like it needed to be said, "If you are a naval professional, then a Navy without an aircraft carrier and the right aircraft on board is comparable to the Swiss navy.”

    “I have stayed very much in touch with what’s going on. I don’t hesitate to tell the First Sea Lord if I think he’s getting it wrong, and he, bless him, actually does take some notice. I am, after all, the only senior naval officer still alive who has taken the Navy to war. That doesn’t mean to say I’m right, but I’m probably worth listening to".

    Rest in peace Sir.
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  13. Admiral Woodward's position commanding the Task Force in 1982 always reminds of a quote I read about Admiral Sir David Beatty who was in a similar position commanding the Grand Fleet in WW1. The quote admitted that while the naval commander might not be able to win the war against Germany with the navy alone, he was the only person who could lose the war in an afternoon should the navy be defeated in a major battle.

    Woodward was in a similar position in 1982. Fortunately Admiral Woodward and the navy were equal to the task.

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  14. RIP. A true legend in our time. The likes of which I fear we will not see again for some time.

    His book 100 days gave such an insight into Op Corporate. I've gone through several copies lending it out to tree huggers to explain why the Belgrano was sunk.

    I'm no naval historian, but I feel that he should be in the same category as Drake or Nelson.

    Condolences to his family.
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