Adminstrative Discharge on Medical Ground

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by tonym5493, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Could someone please help me out with this one....

    I am being discharged for a bad batch of shin splints, which haven't shown any sign of improving the last 3 months. I am out of time, and have been told they may well put me through the discharge process. I was told it wasn't a full medical discharge (as i was told something like that was only given if you were say, diagnosed with diabetes or something), but rather i'm getting an administrative discharge on medical grounds. Can someone please tell me what this means exactly? and I am wondering: do i still get some form of help getting back into civvie street (i.e resettlement, and/or compo), or is it a matter of the army only saying goodbye, and that's it- i'm on my own?

    I haven't completed my phase 2 training as yet, and have been on the sick for shin splints since July. The army MO misdiagnosed them as a result of over tight boots a week before final fling in phase 1.
  2. SO you haven't finished Phase 2 yet but think you need resettlement to 'ease' yourself back into civvy life???
  3. So, do you have shint splints, or tight boots? Or did you have tight boots, that developed into shin-splints? I'm confused.
  4. Speak to the British Legion, they are really good for advice in regards to injuries, I left the Army last year and had received a fractured neck in service, which I had mostly recovered from (but not completly) as I had been mis-diagnosed with whip-lash, The BL gave me some great advice and also argued my case to get a War Pension. However as you are still in training the rules may be different, but give them a call.
  5. A. Civvie street is shit in terms of the jobs available, if any.
    B. I joined the army right after high school so haven't any formal qualifications to help me GET work, and
    C. I relied on the army as a long term career, which has obviously now failed to evolve...
    I haven't planned for any other career "option" apart from the army, so yes I would need a resettlement, or some form of "boost" to get me started on whatever I'll be doing.
  6. The MO back at my phase 1 establishment, misdiagnosed the shin splints to be nothing more than a bit of inflammation caused from over tight boots... At least that is what was told to me by my MO when i first went on to see her for the shins. So, i had shin splints the whole time- although they did "disappear" for the remainder of my phase 1, only showing up again in phase 2.
  7. A - Plenty out there. I've never been without a job since leaving the Army.
    B - Tough shit. Go back to school.
    C - Tough shit. Go back to school. You're not entitled to **** all. If you have a weak body, then that's your fault homo. Stop crying like a ******* faggot. Suck it up, educate yourself, and stop bitching. I want, I want, I want.........well I want you man the **** up. Shit happens, deal with it.
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  8. How long have you spent in training then? If you joined straight out of school then it can't have been long ago you left full time education, your 'boost' should be whatever qualifications you gained in school, assuming you got some. Did you join up thinking this was going to make up for having done **** all at school?
    Do you beieve that everyone owes you something and not the other way round? Do you find that things are always other peoples fault?
    You do not NEED resettlement, what you need is a kick ***********.
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  9. Cheers for that, ye i've been advised to see em from my mates. And Fair enough, i haven't been in training as long as some who are being discharged have, but I've still been in for sometime, completed basic, and most of my Phase 2.
  10. How the **** you passed out of phase 1 with your shite attitude is a ******* miracle. Are you RLC or AGC?

  11. Actually no-one owes me anything, and I owe the army everything but it isn't exactly my fault for having legs of a 12-year old girl instead of robotic limbs that are capable of surviving even the most horrendous of punishments- if i had the option i would have chosen the robotic legs as i wouldn't be in this mess...
    And no, i haven't much in terms of qualifications, as i did my schooling in South Africa, and the education there is beyond shit. And no, i don't NEED resettlement, but if it's available under my circumstances, why miss out on the opportunity?
  12. Resettlement? Compo?


    I'll give you compo, you scrounger.

    And while I'm at it. WTF is 'High School'? Are you American?

  13. An Admin Discharge on Medical grounds? Why not a Medical Discharge? I'd push for one of those if you can.
  14. Actually I'm RE... and i clearly have a better attitude than you. If you don't give a **** about anything other than insulting others, then find another post to pester as i don't care much for your comments. Good day!
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  15. Haha scrounger? I wish! But no, I'm not American- thank **** for that. I'm British/South African...