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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I am in the poo, i have not passed a bft and i was dragged into my boss office and given a three month warning for failling three bfts on the trot. I have just come off injury and have been training for three months to get fit again. Situps, Pressups fine i can pass, my run times have been dropping.

    My boss turns round to me and says because i have failed three on the trot i am on a 3 month bender.

    The gymn didnt call my bft tests but continual assesments as part of the training plan.

    I also think that all tests have to be placed on part one orders which they have not been.

    Also there are people at my place of work that have not done a bft in three years and get good reports. However after coming back from injury i go to the gymn and get a training programme, i am getting fitter my running times are dropping i work hard but they sanction this admin 3 month bender. i am not a problem child i am always in working my socks off and never in trouble.

    I think i have been victimised and I do not have a clue what to do, i cant afford a solicitor.


    Dreading telling the missus,
  2. get fit its the only way out, if you want to stay in, (no pun intended)
    stop look for someone to blame, get out and but the miles in

    sorry its hard its the only way,
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Presumably you have a chit for this injury?

  4. Get fit or get out. Thats the way everyone else sees it.
  5. 1. It's a PFT.
    2. If you have had an injury, you should be on a Rehab Programme which the physio at your unit should make up for you. The CO should have a Rehab Directive, stick to that.
    3. Learn to spell.
    4. Stop talking shite about solicitors.

    Yours, ever helpful,


    P.S. Read number 2 first.
  6. If youve been down graded whilst you were injured or excluded squadded runs on your biff chit, then your covered if not !! then sorry.

    3 month bender isnt that bad, only in house entry. Get out running on your own time, cut fags and booze and eating unnecessary crap, get a training plan from the cookhouse & Gym (thats what, they are there for)

    Good luck
  7. Oh believe me I am out running all the time, just hacked off that my peers are getting away with not doing any fitness or weapons tests and going out to theatre. I am being singled out all the time, and getting grief. I am extremely fit with upper body, since coming of the biv chit the gymn have been doing fortnightly assesments. My boss decided that these were proper bfts got me in the office and gave me this three month bender.

    I am proper fed up that my boss is acting inappropiately and given me a punishment. I am in the gymn every day, out doing four to five miles a night. Even on leave i forked out for civvi gymn membership just to keep the momentum up.

    My times are dropping I do more reps on the upper body than anyone else in my unit.

    Do I have the right to redress of grievance, do i give a list of people in the unit who have skulked away without doing a bft in three years, failed to attend a optag or apwt.

    I am just hacked off with the double standards and the way I was railroaded into this three month bender and punishment. Do I have the right to redress?

    Cheer s

  8. Check PMs fella.

  9. See if your QMSI or equivalent can speak to your OC also perhaps the doctor.
    I was injured once and was sort of in the same boat i wasnt allowed to come off a rehab programme until i passed a then BPFA i had to attempt one every week in the end i failed about 6 before getting back onto normal pt. I think this is just your OC being told by someone between him and you in the COC that your failing them a definite case of wrong end of the stick.
  10. Im sorry to say this but you are sounding a bit bitter and twisted with your comments about going and giving names of those who dont have to pass tests....... quite childish really. And only those people above P7 are unable to deploy so they must be on continuous Rehab programme due to serious injuries ( i realise people do con the system but you cant do anything about them).

    Slug has given you the best response regarding the Rehab programme which if you were injured and went through the correct programmes ie. MO, Physio, Rehab and completed the training as directed they up grade you once you are able to pass the tests again. Some of my lads have previously tried to by pass this system by getting an injury, missing PT but playing football and other fun sports.

    Also if you are doing as much fitness as you say you are then passing the basic tests should be a doddle, i would point out that doing four to five miles a night is not the right training to pass a PFT, you need to do speed work and fartlek. Im an old CNUT, not quite as old as Slug :roll: but after a year out through injury and a structured Rehab programme have got back into running over a couple of minutes under my required time again, its mainly the right frame of mind and training.

    If you are still on a Rehab programme like you say then speak to them as they could phone your boss and explain things about your Reab but i feel there is more in this than your letting on.
  11. Ignore the bitter and twisted ex-recruiter. Check PMs Armadillo.

    Step away Iron, this baby is mine. :twisted: Unless you want me to release the hounds while you go shopping.........
  12. Shut up and die quietly :D
  13. I don't do anything quietly, and the drugs aren't working. I am thinking of auctioning my Scotch Broth tissues, what do you reckon I would get?
  14. Armadillo,

    Check your PMs.
  15. Look just cut out the resistance work and hit the tarmac, try to increase your pace on the runs as opposed to just doing 5 miles

    Good luck