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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. About to book myself on the next selection for DETAPO - I have an idea of what is expected of me and the best way to prepare...

    What I am wondering is what I should be looking for in an administrative unit and whether units that have a long selection (such as 4Para or HAC) take on DETAPO recruits...
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You will be allocated an admin unit by the Bde RTC.

  3. I was told to get lookin...
  4. Which bde?
  5. Eh, I wasn't. I found myself a sponsor unit and organised visits on drill night, an interview with the PSAO and a subsequent interview with the CO. To be honest I think that's the way it should be done, as I found myself a unit that I really like, and would have gone to had I not decided to be a TAPO. The only problem was that it took me a while to organise all this, and therefore ended up with a significant lag phase between my selection weekend and starting training. I was under the impression that I would be assigned to a unit, which is why I didn't start looking before the selection. (Note that this was down to my misunderstanding of the procedures, nothing else)

    Edit... I wouldn't think of the unit you sign up for solely as your admin unit, think of them as your unit. You'll be doing a fair amount of training with them if things work out for you as they did for me, and you'll get a lot more from them than administration alone. My advice would be to look for somewhere that you really want to go, forget about anything else, if you're happy there then that's all that matters.
  6. Where is this unit T_G_M? It sounds great! :D
  7. It is, bloody brilliant, although I don't know if you'd fit in :D

    just joking, newbie shouldn't make fun of people that know loads more than him
  8. That is exactly what I want to do... my question is - what if the unit I want has a long selection, would that preclude them from taking DETAPO?

    Also, who would be the best person to speak to when I phone up the unit?
  9. That is exactly what I want to do... my question is - what if the unit I want has a long selection, would that preclude them from taking DETAPO?

    Also, who would be the best person to speak to when I phone up the unit?[/quote]

    Just say that you're a DETAPO with the hopes of joining their unit, and they'll put you on to who you should be speaking to.

    As for the long selection, I have absolutely no idea. Who were you thinking of joining? I'm sure they'll be able to answer any questions you may have if you go to visit them on a drill night. Find out when their drill night is and go along to see if it's for you. Visit a few if you want to. They'll appreciate you asking questions directly I'm sure.
  10. In 42(NW) we were assigned admin units, unless we were already at a unit.
  11. Which would seem to imply that those DETAPOs with their sh1t together got into a unit first and ended up where they wanted to be rather than being farmed out to any old unit that has potentially little or no interest in them.

    Looks to me like the right approach is find a unit - tell them you're joining the DETAPO scheme and that you want to join them once commissioned. T_G_M seems to have it right.
  12. I was given the option of being assigned to a unit, but honestly the units offered didn't interest me at all. Can't remember what they were, although even if I did remember it probably wouldn't be a good idea to post them here anyway!
  13. I was in a unit before I knew the DETAPO scheme even existed.
  14. On joining the DETAPO scheme the DETAPOs are put into a holding unit who purely do admin and issue kit. This is not necessarily the Unit that you have to stay with but talk to them and go visit you never know.

    Everyone should be advised right at the beginning that they should look around for the Unit that they wish to join as an Officer sooner rather than later. The complete DETAPO course can take up to 2 years so it's not like you don't have time.

    They really should have approached units and more or less made a decision before they go to TAMB and they should have transferred to this Unit before they go to Sandhurst. When you've found a unit why waste your time.

    When contacting units POs should really contact the Adjt and explain that that they are on the DETAPO scheme and who their holding Unit currently is. If the Adjt is unaware of the scheme or needs further clarification then refer them to the Chief Clerk of the DETAPO Wing at your RTC.

    If you have any real burning questions then ask the staff in your DETAPO Wing at your RTC. That's what they are there for. Each RTC may run things slightly different but these are pretty good guidelines to follow. I'm sure the advice you are given is much the same country wide
  15. How does it work if you want to join a unit outside the brigade your training with?