Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cometherevolutionbrother, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Stores are for storing, MT pool cars are there own (couldnt possibly give you a vehicle), Chief Clerks not doing there job properly.......
    the list is endless, is it only me ?

    Aaagghhhh - im ready to go in a corner and not play any more.

    by the way sorry if im ranting or affending anyone, maybe its just my unit
  2. If you were meant to be able to get stuff, they'd be called 'issues'
  3. So very true, you see the golden rules ie the people not to pi55 off but always be on the right side of are as follows

    1. The Razzman
    2. The Storemen (1157 and G10)
    3. The Cooks
    4. The MT Sgt
    5. The MO
    6. The Padre (if all else fails!)

    Then you will have a career only Sgt Bilko would be envious of! :lol:
  4. Its called ............politics,
    You scratch my back , I will scratch yours,
    Empire building,
    Favours for favours,
    The buddy buddy system,
    Looking after your mates,
    Mr Cometherevolutionbrother obviously doeasnt have any...
    I wonder ... Just how many years have you done ?
    ...proper colouer service like.... Are you into double figures yet ?

    Go eat some doughnuts.
  5. A Jelly doughnut Sir! .......... so it goes on, god Im glad Im out eh ,wish these wastes of rations would just leave then I could feel safe when Herr Tony goes on another rant!