admin or pension discharge?????

its been a year i have been in temporary downgrade mnd P7. i had an operation on my upperspine,3 disc gone.metal implanted. had an operation last year march 2012.told by doctor that disc gone becoz of tuberculosis. its been a year i am on tem downgrade. next week my med review. iam not up to the required physical standard yet. as far as i know i will be given perm downgrade and will be discharged soon. but my question is will i be discharged with medical pension or admin discharged??
can someone help me plzz...i tried to get help from my unit but no one know anything....
I dont think anyone will know until you get the paperwork gurung, but hope for the best and prepare for the worst is my view when dealing with this sort of problem. Once you get the result come back on here where there is plenty of help and advise to put your feet on the right path.

Good luck getting the result you need.
today i had one man medical board.still on temporary mnd. told by the board they will get back to me within one or two months.they say they will speak with occu health on my behalf..i havenot improved that much..what's going to happen next????any idea...


When you see your MO ask him/her, there's no reason for them not to tell you what they believe the final outcome will be. Alternatively read PAP 10 and hazard a best guess.
my mo says she doesnot know what outcome it will be... she says it will only be decided by the final med board...and how long can the whole process take ???

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