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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_Tara, Jan 17, 2002.

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  1. Lets have a competition to find out which Admin Office has the LONGEST opening hours. We could even spice it up by publishing the best excuses for the Admin Office being closed. Ours here in Herford is one of the good ones and is actually open all morning.
  2. I thought we operated 24 hours a day!!! oops only the teeth arms
  3. Now you are taking the P**S.  Unless your talking about the 24 hours a day you spend on sport and planning adventure training and block leave!!
  4. Frank goes diving
  5. you trying to start a bun fight, we know that the pay office only opens for 1 hr a day, if your lucky and thats only to pay of a debit
  6. You actually get to pay a debit? I thought that Glasgow normally just took it from source without warning and normally 3 months before you owed or even incurred the debt. (Seen how quick they are at giving money owed to you?) Of course I am only talking as enlisted scum and realise the system is different for officers who are sent a letter by Glasgow informing them of the debt and asking how they would like to clear it!
  7. as officers get asked to clear their debt do teachers get theirs dispersed around the enlisted to pay as it seems they pay for f***k all else
  8. The best I have seen yet was " we are celebrating one of our battle honours".   I executed an about turn worthy of one of those drill chaps...
  9. The finest hour of my old admin office was in Bosnia.

    Firstly we were assured that our LOA would be stopped as soon as we deployed.  We were then told that all AR payements would be debited the next month.

    Come the fourth month - three months worth of LOA and AR payements go in a one-er.  One of my blokes was payed just under £1 that month.  I headed to BGHQ to enquire as to how that could have happened.  The vexed and besieged staff informed me it was our fault as we should have looked at our statements and aimed off.  No one had seen a statement since deploying.  
  10. why do they always try to blame the soldier and say you should put some money aside for problems like these could you imagine the uproar if they did it to say oil riggers away from home?
  11. I've got to stick up for the long suffering AGC here:

    Have you ever been in to an RAF admin office?  There's an ultra-quick excellent service because they have around 3 times as many people.  You are served my a SAC(?) according to where you lie in the alphabet, behind each 3 of these SACs sits a JNCO then 3 to a SNCO etc.  Behind all this there's the 'back room' that crack on with all the other stuff.  Huge. (still think they're a bunch of wasters who use double the resources and people 2 ranks higher for every job!)

    My point is that, like everything else, we rely on the maximum output from the bare minimum manning.   While our clerks don't often gibber in water filled trenches, they normally push out the hours in camp.

    Sermon finished.  

    PS.  I obviously don't include RMP in my praise for the AGC.  See me earlier comments for an accurate assessment of their worth.
  12. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Oh Hippy,  You really should come to this HQ.

    We're purple here (and for all you 2Lts that means we talk to the Navy AND punch some RAF officers from time to time).

    They have a small RAF RAO type thingy here and it's C**p.

    The only good thing about it is the amazingly good looking Flt Lt who runs it.  Blue eyes, Blonde Hair, Curvy and single...  Hang on a minute what am I doing here at this ti
  13. Harry - My experience of the RAO's office at H was that he was tighter than a knatts chuff. Which was crap if you were a blade putting in a claim for rightiously saving the world.. but great if the CSA was trying to steal your money to give to your 'dead woman walking' ex - wife.
  14. G3 snob, an interesting name that complements dropping of SF type phrases (blade, H).  Now, unless I'm sorely mistaken, G3 snob, you are RSigs.

    No further comment.
  15. The reason that the Admin Office never seems to be open must be that they are cooking the books in an attempt to qualify for the higher rate.