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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by honk-bag, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. i joined the TA 2 years ago and this febuary decided that i wanted to go full time, now i thought it would be quite a simple process, but on my 4th different careers advisor at the same AFCO (threw no choice of my own, they randomly are , on leave, go on holiday, arent in that afternoon, never about, leave completely without informing me and bin my application etc) since the beggining of april and generally getting ignored 90% of the time with relevant questions.
    basically will i get the ball rolling at a better pace and in the right direction if i change careers office?
  2. no, m8 if u bin it, then it looks as if u have withdrawn your app and no longer wish to join
  3. Believe it or not, not all offices operate what we call a 'cradle to grave' approach, this means that you could end up with a different recruiter for every part of your recruitment process ;)

    A cradle to grave approach allows the same recruiter to deal with your application from start to finish, but all recruiters should be able to pull your file and give you the information you need with regards to your application.

    Are you saying that you have applied and they have binned your application though???

    It would help if you put some more details in the post, like what stage you are at, what job you are looking to do, when you applied initially, at least then i can give you some advice based on what i would be suggesting if you were dealing with one of my recruiters ;)
  4. i want to go into the int corps, im at the stage that i have passed my interviews and am awaiting an adsc date, and my psao from my ta unit informed me my application was stopped and then restarted a month later after the first guy left the recruiting office and i hadnt heard a whisper for that month.
  5. Not sure how your PSAO is privvy to that information unless he is using the TRHJ system to have a sneaky look at your application?

    But if you have been waiting for an ADSC date for a month then something is wrong, i assume you have been medically cleared and the TA have forwarded your medical docs to ADSC or the office for them to do it?

    When i conduct the 3rd interview i can pretty much guarantee when someone is going to get called forward for selection, so there must be a reason why you havent yet.

    Also you will be waiting some time after selection too as you will have to attend the 2 day Int Corps selection aswell, and as far as i am aware there is one a month.
  6. only been waiting a week for adsc date, it was a month of them forgetting about me, yes all med docs etc are passed. out of interest do you know when the int corps intakes are in the year?
  7. I apllied March 10th, am off to adsc on 23rd of June...Thats 14 weeks which I have been informed isnt bad going as there are large numbers applying! Also the same scenario with the recruiters, have had 3 blokes and a lady deal with me! But they have all been very good and constantly in touch! It wont take just stick it out!
  8. not at this time of night i don't ;)

    I will go out on a limb here and suggest that the reason your application fell by the wayside is because your previous recruiter prior to leaving (for whatever reason) didn't hand your 'live' application over to another recruiter, in which case when any of the other recruiters were busy dealing with their case load, you wouldnt have been visible to them on a search of their applicant database.

    Bit long winded but ultimately your previous recruiter should have completed a handover, in my office when we get a new recruiter posted in, the outgoing recruiter sends a letter to all his or her applicants informing them of the recruiter change so they know who is running with their application, they also brief the new recruiter on all their applicants so in theory it should be seamless.

    The problem with that as you should know full well by now seeing as you are TA, is that it doesnt take into account the differing standards of professionalism within the Army ;)
  9. Passed ADSC on 22nd of April, got my int corps selection in July, do not know if the rest were fully booked or something, but he maybe be waiting quiet a while :)