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I was in the army for a year at the army foundation colleage Harrogate and at the end of cource all i had to do was march of the parade square and id be ready for phase 2 at ITC catterick

however to cut a long story short my fiance died and i completly lost the plot. i told the army i wanted to get discharged so as i could have time to get my life back on track

its now been 7 months and i satrted to re-enlist in febuary and all of a sudun the army have realised they've made one HUGE cock up and didnt quite finnish the proses of discharging me!

now within the space of 4 days ive been passed from 1 person to anouther being told somthing different at each stage to still not know what the hells happaning untill i report for duty on monday :?

im being told by my old training camp that i go there for a day help them sort there **** up out get kit issued ad go to phase 1 (again) and im being told by Glasgow that i should be going to phase 2

I know this is what army life is like and at then end of the day i just gota go with the flow but it realy grips my s*it

what do you guys think about this situation? i just cant help but think im geting taken for a ride because of some other idiots screw up :x
Sorry to hear of your loss, I think you did the right thing at the time. I'm also glad you are giving it a second go. I don't know the ins-and-outs of what you should be doing, but this kind of thing happens all the time. A former collegue of mine (he used to be a mate, but I'll tell you why later) got posted back from Germany to Bulford with me in 95. He'd signed off the year before, but signed back on again as he wanted to leave the army when he was UK based as it was easier to sort his life out. After a month or so he found he was no longer getting paid this went on for some time.
I went on the road for several weeks and when I returned I found that it had turned out due to an admin f**k up he'd not been signed back on again and the army had thought he'd been discharged. He promptly took 4 months back pay, his discharge, my bergan and £200 he owed me and buggered off to Aus. So you see it's not uncommon for this to happen.
As for training I don't know the time restraints involved in re-enlistment, especially as you did not finish phase 2.
To make you re-train at phase 1 after only 7 months would be a waste of time and money on their part. I doubt you will have to do it.

If they insist that you were never discharged, make sure they pay you for your time!!!

I'm sorry for your loss, and as speedy says you done the right thing and show courage by giving it another go.

I'm not sure who your points of contact are, but you need a definitive answer from them. I imagine it will be glasgow. Discuss the fact that you really dont want to do phase 1 training again. After the army has invested in you by putting you through the foundation college, i doubt they will want to lose you.

Insist on a straight answer mate, and good luck.

thanks for the sympathy gus and the praise i apreciate that

i have been thinking prehapse they might just do some iniial tests at the phase 1 plase them as long as im up to standad move me on or at least fast trak me in the course

well ill post here when i know what im doing someone might be interested though

RE:money im gona make sure i get that :D
thanks again guys glad i came to this site and am gona keep coming back
Indeed, if you've finished phase 1 you should be entitled to start Phase 2 straight away - usually you have to be out for more than 18 months to put yourself right back to square one.

Don't worry about the not being properly discharged thing. Worst case, they'll sort it out and it'll be the way it should have been. Best case, you'll get 7 months back pay (but lose all your leave for this year!).

Once you're back in Phase 2 all of this should sort itself out in the background, letting you concentrate on training.

Meanwhile, I shall add a big thumbs up for coming back for a second go. It's sh*t when life yanks the carpet from under your feet, but its the ones who can fight through that we need more of.

Seven months backpay? I reckon that if they award you that, in the next breath you will be charged for 7 months absence and lose it all again!

Good luck though!


War Hero
Good on you for givin it another go, all the best
Good on you mate , Good to hear we have lads joining up who have a pair of balls between there legs , You will get used to the army system , dont try to make sense of it it will fry your mind . State your case to the powers that be , get training out of the way and settle in at your regiment and you will go far . ( if you can avoid BATCO as your spelling is crap , you will find out about BATCO soon ) good luck mate . QDG
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