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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by scottishladx, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. After 2 years service in the Army i was discharged due to debt problems and drink problems and just my general attitude..However this was 10 years ago and i am debt free and haven't had a drink in many years, my attitude has changed considerably too.
    I was wondering if i could re-join the army or any other armed forces or if i have no chance at all.

    I used to ave a red book with discharge details and qualifications etc but i cant find it.

    What would be the best plan of action to find out about the above.


  2. Go to the ACIO would be a start? Otherwise you'll just get smart arse replies on this public internet site.

  3. Thanks!
  4. Were you per chance discharged for being slightly dim too? :roll:
  5. feck me ur funny and sad by the looks of it too :D 2k plus of post;s on a army forum lol get a life sado.

  6. I have. Its in the army.

    And you?
  7. Mind yer own business foo

  8. You may well be on the wagon now but I'd suggest your attitude could still do with another ten years of fine tuning.
  9. You did not say what Corps/Regiment you were part of.

    The MOD has to take into consideration your suitability in regards to Vetting and trustworthyness.

    Probably not something you want to think about but it is part of the joining/re-joining procedure.

  10. :D :D :D :D Otherwise you'll just get smart arse replies on this public internet site. Meaning yourself i presume lol.

    nite nite chief xxxxxx
  11. RLC Driver 48 RA Air defense Thorney Island
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Try again
  13. Hey it was ten years ago i was with a small stores section with the REME
  14. Thorney Island HIVE
    47 Fd Regt RA
    Baker Barracks
    Thorney Island
    PO10 8DH

    REME Workshops
  15. Went to the careers office yesterday got a call today everything has came back fine so i sit my barb test on wedensday.I'm currently a refrigeration & air condition engineer in civi street so all depending on what jobs they offer me will depend if i re-enlist,Ideally i would like to join the engineers as a heating engineer but will wait an see about age etc.