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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Robbo4529, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. i wonder if anyone could help.
    a friend of mine has gone to prison, for an ABH crime against a civvi, but has been discharged as if he signed off. is there any posibility of this happening and what are the rules for his possible re-engagement. and he also has a pay statement showing he should have been paid an amount aftert his discharge and this has not happened, is there anything i could do.
  2. Have you got PCs in your cells now Robbo?
  3. Send him this****%20Lube%20-%20Natural%201315-01-BUlge.jpg

    and tell him to enjoy his time in prison.
    He’s scum, he got what he deserved.
  4. If a serving soldier goes to civvi nick, whatever the crime, he is immediately discharged from the military. This includes suspended sentences. His pay stops the day he goes into the prison - so what this extra payement could have been I cant say. He cannot be re-enlisted, that will be noted on his discharge paperwork and ACIOs informed.

    The only time this has ever been challenged was for Pte Lee Clegg PARA and I doubt your mate is in the same class as him!
  5. Didn't Pte Lee Clegg manage to re-join after being found guilty and serving time for Murder?
  6. From:

    So, when Robbo's mate is re-tried and cleared, he can apply to re-enlist. Until then, he will just have to get used to being sold to other inmates for cigarettes.

    My speeling really is sh1te today
  7. We had a guy done for stabbing a taxi driver - because he wasn't AWOL etc when he committed the offence, we had to continue paying him while he was on remand. Eventually he was convicted almost a year later, sentenced to time served, and automatically discharged due to the seriousness of the offence - away he went with our (taxpayers) money in his bank account while his mates were stuck in NI.

  9. It isn't easy to get an accurrate assessment of this scenario from an internet forum but i'll offer some pointers on what i've gleaned from this thread;

    1) Family Deaths: I'm keeping out of that one!

    2) Welfare: ARRSE has many references to the wealth of organisations available; an appeal may succeed if this mans behaviour can be linked to his experience in the forces.

    3) If 2) gets him anywhere he could re-enlist or receive suitable recompense & war pension.

    My father (now a blind ex paratrooper in his 70's) encountered a similar problem in the 1960's & sums it up with this phrase........

    "The trouble is with the Army is they train you to shoot/stab/beat someone to death with ruthless efficiency without batting an eyelid & fail to turn you off when they've finished with you!
  10. 1.well if you do not want to be judged on anything i would suggest you do not put it on the web, the blame lies with "robbo" and as for organising a funeral in the middle of an "op" tour.why didn't his father organise it, or you? without knowing the circumstances even the HMF would have considered releasing your "brother" from his duties on compassionate grounds.
    2. the original post was in march. it is now July, from your post he is still in prison? if he is that is one hell of a sentence for ABH especially for a 1st timer... maybe some facts are missing?

    3. why did it take so long for you to reply as well, this thread was all forgotten about and no one had posted on it since April and YOU resurrected it...very strange thing to do
  11. What so it was the poor sod he gave a kicking's fault that Your "brother" had a hard time of it was it?
  12. Supergirl if your friend dished out a beating severe enough to warrant a prison sentence then the man is obviously an animal and deserves to be locked up as such.

    We all experience personal tragedy at some point in our lives, your friend certainly sounds as if he’s had more than his fair share, but blowing off steam through violence is unacceptable.

    He’s scum, there’s no two ways about it, and I hope he meets someone in prison with above extra girth to his penis that can show him the error of his ways.
  13. Firslty i want to say that nobody here has the right to judge this friend of Robbo4529.- Yes we do, just like we do anyone else on here.

    You have no right to say he is scum you have no right to say bad things to slander him. - See above.

    He may be in prison but he is not a bad person. - Yes he is. he is a convicted criminal.

    He has been through hell and back. You know nothing about him and im appalled that people like you would say such things. Its makes me sick. That person has been through hell he has had to hold his mother dying in his arms bleeding to death at 18, then he had to sit by and watch his sister die when he was 19.. she was 27 by the way. He had to make funeral arrangements. This was in the middle of his operational tour of Iraq!!!! so tell me now people who are so quick to call him scum tell me could you still be happy when you had been through all this. - I am sure his victim's heart bleeds for him.

    He came home from Iraq and went out on the urine he got drunk and let all his anger out at the world. He hit someone and now he pays for it everyday! - Yep that is what prisons are for, I hope he learns his lesson too. That way there will be one less thug on the streets when he gets out.

    He was proud to be a Tiger and i think you should all remember he may be in prison but he did his duty. - So what if he was proud to be a Tiger, shame he dishonoured the name by his criminal act.

    He is a good person - No he is a criminal.

    and does not warrant your insults. - He is no less deserving than any other criminal.

    I by the way am his sister and Robbos Ex gf now and i am upset and hurt that you would judge him with no background.

    We have been through hell together we have no family home and we have no parents so how about before you become the judge jury and executer you listen to the facts!! - So what? You are not the only one in such a position, or do you think your hard luck story means you can get away with being a thug?

    Thank you for your time i am not here to fight just to clarify the situation! - Which you have done. You think he should not have to pay for his crimes because he had a hard life.

    Thank you - No need to thank me.
  14. No, he hasn't. He's been discharged under section 9.404e of Queen's Regulations for the Army, in accordance with 6.174d(8) of Queen's Regulations for the Army:

    "...a sentence of imprisonment (including a suspended sentence), detention or youth custody will almost certainly require the Army to discharge a convicted soldier under The Queen's Regulations for the Army 1975, para 9.404e, and that his retention, if recommended by his commanding officer, must be approved by the Ministry of Defence (Army), and that this would only occur as an exceptional case."

    This is in no way the same as his having signed off, because 9.404e specifies discharge as mandatory for an individual who has been convicted of a criminal act of "dishonesty or violence".

    It happens immediately. Your friend should have had an Assisting Officer appointed to assist in court with matters of military significance. His/her last, unpleasant duty should have been to relive your friend of his MOD90 as he was taken down from the dock.

    There's no fixed line on the re-engagement of persons with convictions. However - slightly ironically, some would say - those with recent convictions for violence, especially conducted whilst in Service, will generally not be considered for re-enlistment.

    Of course. You can approach the RAO Dept in his former unit and ask the FSA to look into it on his behalf. However, the payment may have been made in error and may be reclaimed by the Army in due course, so don't get his hopes up.

    On the positive side, he hasn't forfeited his pension and he will still be able to call upon the help of SSAFA, once he has finished his time, to help him find gainful employment and put his conviction behind him.

    @supergirl - Grow up.